How to update Netflix account information

There are a few settings you can adjust to make Netflix the best it can be, regardless of how long you’ve been a Netflix user or how recently you’ve started. And you can tailor the Netflix experience for you and your family by exploring the Netflix settings.

Just go to and sign in to view your Netflix preferences online. Next, pick Account by clicking the arrow next to your profile at the top. And now the customising can start!

Several Profiles Can Be Created

netflix settings

Multiple profiles can be helpful if more than one person in your home uses the same Netflix account. If you let your kids view Netflix content, this is extremely beneficial.

Click Manage profiles in the My Profile area after scrobbling down. By selecting Manage Profiles from the menu that appears when you click the arrow next to your profile (as seen above), you can also get right to this section quickly.

After clicking Add Profile, give your name. Only movies and TV series rated for kids under 12 will be offered if you check the box next to Kid? Once you’re done, click Continue. The new profile will now be displayed alongside your other options, and you can switch between them.

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Set up Parental Controls

You should activate the Netflix parental controls to make sure your youngster can only access stuff you approve of. Click Parental Controls in the Settings section after scrolling down. When prompted, enter your password; after that, generate a four-digit PIN for parental control.

Next, change the PIN protection level by selecting an age category or using the slider. In addition, you can enter the names of individual shows to demand a PIN for playback, regardless of their maturity rating.

Now, a user profile will be asked to enter that PIN if they attempt to access information that is outside of the level you put up.

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Change the Playback Options

The checkboxes at the top let you enable or disable autoplay. You can choose whether or not you want the upcoming episode of a series or previews to play automatically on all of your devices using these settings.

You can change the data use per screen and autoplay settings to improve quality and convenience. Click Playback settings after scrolling down to the My Profile section. After that, you can select between low, medium, or high quality videos in addition to the default video quality. One of the unpleasant aspects of using Netflix can be the default setting.

Personalize the Subtitles

You can fully alter the way subtitles appear if you like to watch Netflix in a foreign language. Click Subtitle appearance in the My Profile area by scrolling down.

Here, you can select a colour and one of seven font styles, including “Casual” and “Block.” Additionally, you have the option of choosing between tiny, medium, or big text sizes.

Then, with four distinct text shadow options and a variety of shadow colours, you can give your subtitles a little extra flair. Finally, if you wish, you can choose the colour of the window and background. The sample at the top will automatically update for you to review as you try each of these options. Click Save after you’re done.

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How to Update Netflix Account Information

netflix settings

Email is a convenient way to remain informed about the specific Netflix news and information you want. Click Communication Settings under My Profile in the My Profile section as you scroll down.

Then you may choose which emails you want to receive, such as alerts about new features, content that has just been added, exclusive deals, and beneficial surveys.

By registering your phone number, you can choose to receive text messages. Additionally, if necessary, you can access and retrieve your account using that number.

Determine the Order of Your List

You can easily rearrange the order of the television shows and films on your list if you wish. Click Order in My List in the My Profile section by scrolling down. Once you’ve selected the radio button for manual ordering, click Save. The material in the My List section can then be rearranged rather than having Netflix suggestions at the top.