Romance Novels Are Being Crafted by One of Gaming’s Greatest Writers

I’ve seen some of these interactive fiction games with really cartoony graphics, and apparently, they’re all the rage among the millennial set on iPads and such. If the chance presents itself, I am always interested in attempting something new. However, I haven’t put much effort into investigating this because I’ve been on a publishing treadmill. It’s very taxing on my resources.

In Your Free Time, Do You Still Enjoy Playing Games by Yourself?

In recent years, I haven’t. I’ve always been the kind of person that needs that sort of thing to satisfy that part of my brain. In a word, I am compulsive. That’s why I put in a lot of time doing hundreds of jigsaw puzzles over the course of a few years. I’ve been addicted to crossword puzzles and solitaire, and now I’m into quilting, which is extremely similar because you also have to disassemble and reassemble pieces in order to create new designs.

Romance Novels Are Being Crafted by One of Gaming's Greatest Writers

They focus heavily on patterns. However, I can honestly say that I have spent my whole life in the gaming community. Well, at least not recently. My brain’s small nugget of attention to detail absolutely adores information like that.

I was wondering whether you’ve ever considered making a homosexual romance visual novel or some other sort of crossover with your romance works.

If the chance presented itself, I certainly would. Several years ago, I was contacted by an interactive fiction firm and provided my services to them. The company was only getting started. I tried to submit a story, but their guidelines were bizarre.

Feelings-themed coins were being hawked. The limits for how it might be written were so stringent that people had to pay to express their feelings. But after going public, they focused solely on user-generated material.

I Was Wondering if Any of Your Fans Followed You from Your Games to Your Romances

Romance Novels Are Being Crafted by One of Gaming's Greatest Writers

Only rarely do I meet someone who tells me they heard about me or my romantic interests through Gabriel Knight. In my opinion, the Gabriel stories have always had a touch of romance. Is that why you decided to start dating?

Not in my opinion. Basically, it’s just a reflection of my personality as a writer. It may sound crazy that I have a dual obsession with horror and romance, but I read a lot of romance and horror as a kid, and Gabriel Knight connected the two genres for me. As a bad-boy womanizer, Gabriel was the quintessential rogue you couldn’t help but root for.

The Beast Within had this incredible homoerotic tension, and when I found out about your work with Eli Easton, I felt very validated.

It’s cool that something came out at that time. Evidently, I had never written a homosexual romance prior to that time. Nonetheless, Anne Rice was a major inspiration for me, and her books frequently had homoerotic tension (and much more!).

One of my favourite Anne Rice books is Cry to Heaven. A castrati’s long-term relationship with another guy is revealed in this novel. This curiosity, however, was not new and has just recently begun to blossom into full expression.

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