She Becomes Engaged to Joe Alwyn, We Go Inside Taylor Swift’s Turbulent Past Romances, Including the Drama with John Mayer and Joe Jonas!

However, the All Too Well singer has found her ultimate goal and is engaged to Joe Alwyn, her lover of six years, after keeping their relationship covert. The actor’s close friend revealed to The Sun that the couple is secretly engaged and has no intentions of publicly announcing their joyful news.

She “wears behind closed doors,” according to their account, because of the ring he purchased her.

Their team members were also told, but not everyone else in their tight circle. He added: “Taylor and Joe have never been happier or more committed to each other.”

A few months ago, they actually got engaged but only told their closest friends and family members—those who have known them for a long time and have a lot of faith in them. In addition, everyone has taken an oath of confidentiality.

She Becomes Engaged to Joe Alwyn, We Go Inside Taylor Swift's Turbulent Past Romances, Including the Drama with John Mayer and Joe Jonas!

They went on to say, “Taylor Swift has a gorgeous ring, but she only wears it at home, i.e. behind closed doors. The wedding details are only known to a select few, and Taylor hasn’t even informed some of her coworkers about her engagement.

As much as possible, they prefer that their love be kept out of sight of the cameras. This is for them only. And if and when they do get married, no Vogue, Rolling Stone, or Hello! will be present. They enjoy it when things are kept simple and elegant.

They haven’t formally announced their engagement yet, so there aren’t any exact specifics about the wedding.

This news of an engagement has been floating around for approximately six years now since they initially started dating after meeting at the Met Gala in 2011.

However, before Taylor “said yes,” she had a string of famous and non-famous men she was romantically linked with.
And so, this is how it all went down, shall we?

Before Fame

When Taylor launched her self-titled album in 2006, she became a household name at the tender age of 16. Before the public realized who the boys were who crushed her heart, she was still singing about them in her songs.

They were high school and college boys she had a thing for or had dated in the past.H er debut track was inspired by Brandon Borello, and Tim McGraw, and Fifteen were written about her ex-boyfriends that weren’t renowned. Due to the fact that he moved off to college while she was only a freshman, their romance terminated.

Picture to Burn follows on the heels of Jordan Alford, a “redneck heartbreak who’s incredibly horrible at lying” whom she wrote about.

Joe Jonas

Fearless, Taylor Swift’s second album, brought her celebrity and love life into the public eye.

Joe Jonas, one of the Jonas Brothers and an actor, was her first known romantic partner, and they were together from July to October of 2008. There are other Joe-inspired songs on Fearless and Speak Now, including Forever & Always and Mr. Perfectly Fine.

It was difficult for them to go out together without being mobbed by Jonas Brothers fans because their romance began during the height of the band’s fame.

Lucas Till

The Hannah Montana Movie set is where Taylor met actor Lucas Till and collaborated with him on a number of tracks.

You Belong With Me was Taylor Swift’s music video, and he played Taylor’s love interest.
A brief courtship in 2009 ended with the decision to be friends rather than lovers.

Taylor Lautner

At the end of 2009, Taylor Lautner and Taylor Lautner met on the set of Valentine’s Day, where they were cast as a couple playing a romantic couple.

She Becomes Engaged to Joe Alwyn, We Go Inside Taylor Swift's Turbulent Past Romances, Including the Drama with John Mayer and Joe Jonas!

As reported by MTV, he was more interested in her than she was in him, and he apparently went to great lengths to meet her. However, the couple’s romance never took off.

John Mayer

Taylor began dating musician John Mayer in December 2009, after splitting from the actor.

However, even though their relationship was just for a short time, the breakup was memorable and one of the most painful experiences in her life thus far. I Knew You Were Trouble and Dear John from her fourth album, Red, plus a few others from Speak Now were all written about him.

Following the release of Half of My Heart, the two began dating.

One month after they broke up, Taylor moved on quickly from Connor and began dating Harry Styles. After just three months of dating, she and the One Direction member are still one of the most talked-about relationships in the fandom. During those 90 days, a lot happened. The couple made their first public appearance in December 2012, when they were spotted at the Central Park Zoo.

Fans nicknamed them “Haylor,” and they appeared to be at ease as they went hand in hand.

It’s now been six years, and Taylor has penned numerous songs about him for his last four studio records.

Taylor has been in a long-term relationship with him.

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