Supporting Dad! The Jonas Brothers’ Newest Song Is Performed by Kevin Jonas’ Daughters.

a lovely family. Two girls were born to Kevin Jonas and his wife, Danielle Jonas, who are delighted parents.

Alena and Valentina, the couple’s first two children, were born in 2014 and 2016, respectively. The pair wed in December 2009. Kevin’s brother Frankie Jonas asked him which of the Jonas Brothers’ bandmates would be the most protective of their daughters during an interview with Entertainment Tonight in June 2022.

Kevin responded, referring to Joe Jonas‘ two daughters with their wife Sophie Turner, and Nick Jonas‘ daughter Malti, whom he shares with Priyanka Chopra Jonas. “I can’t really speak for them; I’m sure they’re going to be however they’re going to be with their daughters, but I can say for myself, I’m going to be protective,” Kevin said. Yet, I also realize that I will have to let them go.

Despite his busy schedule, the New Jersey native has always been conscious of trying to spend as much time as possible with his daughters. It’s challenging. In an interview with the Women in the Office podcast in October 2019, Kevin discussed touring while having two children at home. He said he flies home as often as possible.

The Jonas Brothers' Newest Song Is Performed by Kevin Jonas' Daughters.

Added The Camp Rock actor Let’s say we had a day off. I would fly home at 5 a.m., come back the next morning, and spend 18 hours at home. Even though there isn’t much of a balance, you are nonetheless present.

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After a six-year break from collaborating on music, The Jonas Brothers—Kevin, Joe, and Nick—released their single Sucker in March 2019. The three siblings were open in their 2019 documentary Chasing Happiness about Nick’s choice to leave the band in 2013.

It wasn’t, and I want to be truthful with you as band members and brothers, this is where I’m at,’ Joe said in the documentary, admitting that he was deeply hurt at the time. The band is over, I want to do things without you guys, and I’ve made up my decision, was what he said. I had only ever known this. I loved this more than anything, and it was shocking to me how easily someone you cared about and loved could take it away.

The Disney Channel alumni stated they had been in therapy with each other for a year before to their musical reunion during an appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden in May 2019.

The Jonas Brothers' Newest Song Is Performed by Kevin Jonas' Daughters.

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To work through some issues and determine how this chapter would look, Nick said that we essentially spent a year doing therapy. We have to be very honest and upfront. Even with our performances from the past, there were some aspects that occasionally worried us.

Although Kevin didn’t make the initial decision to take a vacation from the Jonas Brothers, he nevertheless made the most of his downtime by spending time with his young daughters.