The Rivalry Between Grayson Murray and Kevin Na Erupted Again on the Driving Range During the 2022 Mexico Open.

Grayson Murray and Kevin Na got into another fight.

It wasn’t exactly Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier’s third fight, the Thrilla in Manilla, but according to Murray, the current kerfuffle almost became physical.

While he was at Vidanta for the Mexico Open, Murray said that Na taunted him on the driving range that day.

It wasn’t until I was right in front of him that I told him if I wasn’t going to be suspended right now, I would drop his (butt) right there on the range. ‘I know he wouldn’t have said that to me if we were simply seeing one other outside of the golf course,’ Murray claimed.

During the Sony Open in Hawaii earlier this year, golf celebrity Chantel McCabe tweeted, “Kevin Na strolling in putts doesn’t get old.”

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Na, who has been criticized for his lethargic play throughout his career, was the subject of Murray’s jab. The three-minute putts from Murray were met with a sigh of resignation.

“U missing the cut is becoming old!” Na said in response to Murray.

grayson murray feud

Since March, Murray hadn’t made the second round in 13 of his past 17 tournaments, and he had withdrawn from two of his last three starts.

A truce looked to have been struck when Murray stated that Na will not allow their quarrel to go away.

Murray admitted that he was “just kind of strolling to the chipping green with my head down” after hitting balls on the range. It’s someone shouting and cursing at me as I expected.


Ex-Murray caddy Mike Hicks told him to back away and avoid provoking Na, according to Murray. When it happened in a hockey game, Murray said, Na would have received a “10-minute major” and been suspended for the rest of the season.

After telling him that “no one would miss him on this Tour if he leaves to play in the Saudi League,” Murray asserted that “I’m living rent-free in his brain right now.”

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