How to Turn Your Phone’s Flashlight On and Off

Even while you might not always use the flashlight on your phone, it is a lifesaver when you do. How do you activate the flashlight on your smartphone, though?

Help is available from us. We’ll demonstrate different ways for you to switch your flashlight on and off. Although there are more options for Android users, we’ll also discuss how to use the flashlight on an iPhone.

Using the Quick Settings on Android, Turn on The Flashlight

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Before the 2014 release of Android 5.0 Lollipop, the platform lacked a common flashlight toggle. Before that, certain phone makers had a built-in mechanism for turning on the flashlight, while others did not. Fortunately, all current Android phones come equipped with a flashlight.

Simply pull down from the top of the screen twice to activate the flashlight (or drag down once with two fingers). A Flashlight entry ought to appear. To turn on the LED flash immediately, tap that.

You might be able to find the Flashlight symbol in your notification shade as well, depending on which icons come up first (after pulling down once).

To turn the flashlight off when finished, simply tap it once more. The flashlight will continue to work even if you lock your device or start another app.

Swiping left or right may be necessary to access other icons if the Flashlight button isn’t visible. Depending on the manufacturer of your hardware, this menu may change. Stock Android is shown in the images above, but your experience will alter whether you use a Samsung, LG, or other smartphone.

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Google, Please Turn on The Flashlight

Although the Quick Settings toggle is useful, what happens if you can’t constantly utilise it? Perhaps there are other shortcuts in Quick Settings that are difficult to find. Alternatively, if your hands are full or dirty, you might need to turn on the flashlight.

You may depend on Google Assistant during those moments. “OK Google, turn on my flashlight” is one of the most helpful Google Assistant instructions.

Your flashlight will turn on as soon as you say this, as you would expect. You can disable it by tapping the option that displays in the chat box or by telling Google, “OK Google, turn off the flashlight.”

Given the variety of ways you can access Google Assistant depending on your phone, this shortcut is really useful. A Google Assistant button is easily accessible on the Google widget. You can press and hold the Home button on your device if it still has one to launch the Assistant. Instead, use the new gestures in Android 10 to swipe in from either of the bottom corners.

Squeezing the sides of the phone will activate Google Assistant for Pixel 2 or newer users. You can also configure Google Assistant to reply to your “OK Google” commands whenever you speak them, even when the screen is off, for a completely hands-free experience. Please see our overview of using Google Assistant for more information on this.

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If Necessary, Use a Flashlight App

You can turn to using a flashlight app if you don’t like either of the aforementioned solutions for some reason or if you have an outdated Android phone where neither is a possibility. On the Google Play Store, there are many of them, but choosing one requires caution.

It’s easy to turn on the flashlight. The bulk of flashlight applications, however, request a tonne of pointless permissions, including access to your contacts, location, and other information. There is no justification for granting these potentially harmful permissions to applications that would probably abuse them.

The most well-known flashlight app for Android, Brightest Flashlight Free, is notorious for collecting users’ contacts and location information. A large number of these apps also show annoying full-screen video advertising.

Some offer extra capabilities like displaying colors and increasing the screen brightness to its maximum, but they are largely superfluous and not worth the privacy risk.

Taking everything into account, we advise staying away from flashlight apps unless you actually need one. Try Icon Torch if you do. This software has no adverts or in-app purchases and enables the flashlight with a straightforward toggle. It is safe to assume that it simply needs the bare minimum permissions.

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Try Using Gestures to Turn on The Flashlight

There are several Android phones with built-in gestures that enable you to turn on the flashlight at any time, including some Motorola models. Shaking and the “double chop” action are a couple of examples. To open the camera at any moment on a Pixel device, double-tap the Power button.

Please feel free to test these out and check whether they function properly on your device. To extend this shortcut functionality to other phones, many apps on Google Play are available. Many of these apps, meanwhile, are ad-filled, unstable, or haven’t had updates in a while. We advise staying away from them and only using the onboard flashlight toggles.

How to Activate the I Phone’s Flashlight

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The iPhone’s flashlight is accessible with ease through iOS, as you might expect. Utilizing the Control Center shortcut is the fastest option. To open it on an iPhone X or later, swipe downward from the top-right corner of the screen. Instead, users of iPhones 8 and earlier should swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

Simply tap the Flashlight symbol to turn it on after you’ve opened Control Center (you can do this even if your phone is locked). To turn the flashlight off once more, tap the same symbol.

You may even change the brightness of the flashlight on iOS 11 or later. To do this, haptically touch (deeply press) the flashlight symbol. You’ll see a slider that you can move through different stages.