Who Is Kristen Stewart Engaged to? After Two Years of Dating, Kristen Stewart and Dylan Meyer Got Engaged!

American actress and director Kristen Stewart has a fortune of $70 million. Since becoming one of the biggest movie stars in the world with the Twilight saga, Kristen Stewart has gravitated toward smaller, independent projects while still appearing in the occasional big-budget studio production. Breaking Dawn: Parts One and Two earned her $25 million (plus an amazing 7.5 percent of the profit) in 2011 and 2012, respectively, making her one of the highest-earning actors of her generation.

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Kristen Stewart Career

Stewart got her big break when a talent agent noticed her in a school play and signed her up. To get a non-speaking role in a Disney Channel TV movie, she had to go through an exhausting year of auditions. After that, she appeared in a number of smaller roles, culminating in her starring role as Jodie Foster’s daughter in David Fincher’s Panic Room thriller.

After her remarkable performance in Panic Room, it was only a matter of time before Stewart landed a major role in a film of her own. In the 2004 film Catch That Kid, she had her first starring role at the tender age of 14. For her performance as a mute teenager in the TV movie Speak, she earned even more attention that year. Following her work with director Jon Favreau on Zathura: A Space Adventure in 2010, she appeared in a number of films, including Fierce People, The Messengers, Into the Wild, Jumper, and What Just Happened. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t until 2007 that Stewart was cast in the role that would make her a household name: Isabella “Bella” Swan in the Twilight film series.

who is kristen stewart engaged to

Despite her praised performances in films like Adventureland and The Runaways that were released while the series was still running, critics at the time accused Stewart of being “wooden” and “blank” in the character of Bella, and it has taken years for her to rebuild her reputation as an actor. One more large franchise movie (Snow White and the Huntsman) followed the Twilight saga’s finale before an almost decade-long hiatus in independent films. At this time, she began making regular appearances on Hollywood’s highest-paid actor’s lists, thanks mostly to her portrayal as Bella in Twilight.

After twilight, Stewart began working with Olivier Assayas, the director of Clouds of Sils Maria in 2014 and Personal Shopper in 2016. Her Adventureland co-star Jesse Eisenberg teamed up with her again in American Ultra, an espionage thriller comedy, in 2014. In addition, she appeared in Woody Allen’s Cafe Society and the Rolling Stones’ “Ride ‘Em On Down” music video in 2016. Later, in 2017, she made her directing debut with the short film Come to Swim, in which she took the director’s chair. The Charlie’s Angels revival directed by Elizabeth Banks and Underwater, a science-fiction horror film, were two of the big studio franchise films that saw Kristen Stewart return in 2019.

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who is Kristen Stewart engaged to

Dylan Meyer, her long-term boyfriend of two years, has proposed to Kristen Stewart. In an interview with SiriusXM’s The Howard Stern Show, Twilight star Kristen Stewart announced her engagement by saying, “We’re marrying, it’s happening.” “I wanted to be proposed to, so I think I really precisely carved out what I wanted and she nailed it,” she said of the proposal. There have been rumors that Stewart and Meyer met on the set of a movie eight years ago before she dated her Twilight co-star, Robert Pattinson. However, six years later, they found themselves back in each other’s company.

who is kristen stewart engaged to

She previously stated that Dylan and Spencer’s romance began when he came to the same party that she was attending. “Where have you been, and how have I not known you?” Kristen had asked Dylan. Within two weeks of meeting, the couple was said to have fallen in love. During a walk together in August 2019, the couple was photographed kissing and cuddling. Stewart and her model ex-girlfriend Stella Maxwell had just ended their relationship at the time. Moxie and Rock Bottom are two of Meyer’s best-known works as a screenwriter.

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who is Kristen Stewart engaged to

“Find me under the blankets, hiding from the happiness police,” Meyer captioned a photo of herself and her boyfriend kissing on Instagram in October 2019. “I’m pretty impulsive,” Stewart said in an interview with Howard Stern in November 2019, referring to her tendency to tell Meyer she loved her “early.” She and her companions had just gone out of the pub where we were meeting when I told her that I was infatuated with her for the first time and I was just like “Oh my god, guy. I’m so f***ing in love with you.”