Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes’ Affair Scandal: Everything to Know.

From colleagues to others? Despite both being married to other people, the co-hosts of Good Morning America, Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes attracted a lot of inquiries regarding the status of their relationship.

When the ABC stars were photographed cuddling in Daily Mail images from November 2022, people took notice.

The pictures, according to the site, were taken throughout the month. In one snapshot from a weekend excursion to a cottage, Holmes is seen stroking Robach’s butt as she stuffs suitcases into a car’s trunk.

The broadcasters didn’t immediately comment on the images or say whether they had separated from their respective spouses. (Both Robach and Holmes have had two previous marriages.)

The hosts of the morning show disabled their respective Instagram accounts, which had numerous photos displaying their strong connection, as rumors about them circulated. Holmes also shut down his Twitter account.

The relationship between the Arkansas native and Robach developed out of a strong friendship, a source exclusively revealed to US Weekly during the dispute. They always seemed to click, and their trips away for work together made them even closer.

The two were attempting to conceal their relationship until they were prepared to make an announcement, the insider claimed.

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes' Affair Scandal

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Before the pair’s accounts were deleted from the internet, social media users carefully analyzed their messages. Some followers noted that Holmes published a cryptic message about moving on before the crisis. Cut off the connection and sob once. The excerpt stated that it was preferable to be with them and constantly sobbing. Quote of the week, he added in the caption.

Change is never painful, a prior upload from January 2022 hinted. What hurts is the unwillingness to change.

The former BET employee started working for ABC News in 2014, frequently stepping in on the morning program when needed. In September 2020, he started hosting GMA3 on a regular basis. In contrast, Robach began her career on ABC in 2012 and began appearing in GMA’s third hour in March 2020.

The couple has always been open about their relationship’s professional aspects as well as their bond as co-anchors. We admire each other’s adventures and have similar backgrounds, Holmes said to Resident Magazine in April 2021. We are quite grateful for where this program is at this point. While we may have prepared and plotted for a potential show, this one just naturally developed.

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes' Affair Scandal

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The University of Arkansas alum said he felt fortunate to get along with Robachso well at the time. He said that by having mutual trust, you may be who you truly are.

They’ll keep an eye on you and won’t try to make you appear foolish or bad-mannered. Even if you are poked, it won’t be malicious. This show is simple. When you’re so at ease, performing the show is simple. It’s just there; you can’t coach, teach, or consult it.

When they were spotted cuddling up to each other at the airport in late December 2022, Holmes and Robach’s affair made headlines throughout the holidays. As reported at the time that Holmes filed for divorce from Fiebig in New York City two days after the images surfaced.