Angelina Pivarnick Says Her Issues with Her Ex Chris Larangeira Are a “big Thing” on Jersey and All-Star Shore!

Angie Pivarnick of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation and All-Star Shore tell PEOPLE that reliving her marriage to Chris Larangeira’s demise will be “extremely hard” for her. There will be two TV series in the near future that will feature Angelina Pivarnick reliving her divorce from Chris Larangeira, and it’s making her feel anxious. “It’s going to be really painful” to see her marital issues on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, which returns Thursday, and All-Star Store, which premieres next week, Pivarnick exclusively tells PEOPLE.

A “Major Reason” for Their Breakup, According to Pivarnick

In November of this year, Pivarnick, 35, and Larangeira, 42, exchanged vows. They were married in New Jersey. It was revealed in February that he had filed for divorce from his wife of two years, citing “irreconcilable disagreements.” A “major reason” for their breakup, according to Pivarnick, was that she thought Larangeira wasn’t always on her side.

“Everything that has brought us to this point has been because of it. It’s a real shame. It breaks my heart. I shed a lot of tears. The whole situation has been really upsetting and difficult for me. In my opinion, people don’t really understand how difficult it has been for me “she asserts.

I Still Get a Lot of Tears in My Eyes when I Think of Him

“Even though we’ve been apart for some time, I still get a lot of tears in my eyes when I think of him. But, in the end, that was what really bothered me the most “So she goes on. “Many times, I felt as if he was not on my side. And that’s something I’m not allowed to experience. I’m happiest when I’m on the same team as my partner. The inverse is what I desire.

I want us to become one. This is a well-rounded group. He’s got my back, and I’ve got his back.” “Taking each day as it comes is all I can do for now. Now, I pray frequently. The end of her relationship with Larangeira will be “a major issue” for her, she admits, “but I look to God for so many things and I just pray to him.

On the All-Star Shore in Particular. A lot of Things

” “On the All-Star Shore in particular. “A lot of things” didn’t mesh between the ex-couple, according to Pivarnick. This man can say whatever he wants about me because of all the lies that were being told,” she adds. “Sadly, this is the case I wish him the best and am sorry, but sometimes things just don’t work out in life.

Angelina Pivarnick Says Her Issues with Her Ex Chris Larangeira Are a "big Thing" on Jersey and All-Star Shore!

But I don’t want to cause any rifts between us or anything like that. He was the man I married.” Her marital woes were not a pleasurable part of All-Star Shore, but she had a great time filming the first party competition series.

It Was the Most Bizarre Experience of My Life “infers Pivarnick

Love Is Blind and The Bachelorette are just two of the popular franchises featured on the show, which feature a variety of party-themed challenges. “It was really fierce. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. It was the most bizarre experience of my life “infers Pivarnick.” “I had no intention of participating in this production at all. I signed up late in the game because I was mulling things over in my head. How should I proceed?” Pivarnick continues, saying, “This trip was a must for me; not only did I need to go away, but also I wanted to meet new people. So, I was eager to see how far I could push myself physically. And I’m pleased with my own performance. I had no idea I could achieve that.”

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