Blueface Tv Show Where to Watch? What Is Bare-Knuckle Fighting? BKFC 19 Battle Card

You’re in luck if you’ve ever seen a reality dating show and wished it were trashier and more obscene. Blueface debuted his brand-new reality series on OnlyFans on Sunday, following in the footsteps of Flavor Flav and Brett Michaels.

Fighting, nudity, and shopping have all been prevalent so far in the episode. You may view it here. The rapper from “Thotiana” has hinted that the price may go up while still charging $30 a month to watch. Even though there has only been one episode to date, there are videos online showing two girls boxing and naked girls dancing in a bathtub.

Oh, you guys are late. In the first frame, Blueface yells, “They’re already fighting!” as his group disperses a brawl between two of the girls. The first episode, unfortunately, peaks at this point since the remaining eight minutes are taken up by brief interviews with each of the girls about the craziest thing they’ve ever done and whether or not they’ve ever hooked up with Blueface. On a party bus, they also go to Walmart to get everything they require for their stay at Blueface’s residence, namely liquor, and bedsheets.

How to Watch BKFC 19: PPV Streaming

Tonight, July 23, Tampa, Florida will host BKFC 19. The main event of BKFC 19 features Rachael Ostovich and former MMA champion Paige VanZant in a rematch of a 2019 UFC fight that VanZant won through the second-round choke. Since then, both athletes have switched from UFC to BKFC. The BKFC 19 match will begin at 5 p.m. PT/8 p.m. ET. At 7:00 PM ET, preliminary rounds get underway. The only option to watch BKFC 19 live at home is to buy a $39.99 pay-per-view on, even though physical tickets to the event are still available.

blueface tv show where to watch

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With your PPV purchase, you’ll have immediate access to watch BKFC 19 online on your TV, phone, laptop, or tablet. While there isn’t a free method to watch BKFC 19 live online, your PPV price also includes unrestricted access to BKFC 19 replays on FITE, allowing you to do so after the event has concluded.

What is bare-knuckle fighting? BKFC 19 Battle Card

Contrary to UFC or MMA rules, which enable combatants to employ a variety of techniques, BKFC (Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship) rules only allow punches; no kicks, elbows, or grappling maneuvers are permitted. Fighters are permitted to bind their wrists and thumbs, but their knuckles must remain bare (hence the bare-knuckle name).

blueface tv show where to watch

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In addition to VanZant vs. Ostovich and Blueface vs. Neumane on the BKFC 19 fight card, Arnold Adams, the current BKFC Champion, will square off against Thai great Michael Terrill in the co-main event. Britain Hart vs. Jenny “Savage” Clausius is another match on the live PPV program.

blueface tv show where to watch

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BKFC 19 has over a dozen fights in all (including the preliminary rounds), and the entire event is available to see on for $39.99. Along with the primary BKFC 19 PPV stream, FITE is also providing a special commentary feed with former UFC champion Chuck Liddell, who is working with the Drinkin Bros. has more information and a live stream of BKFC 19 available.