Where to Watch Bad Girls Club? Bad Girls Club Is Currently Available on Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus!

American reality television program The Bad Girls Club, also known as BGC. For the Oxygen TV network, Jonathan Murray made it. Seven ladies who are referred to as “bad girls” for their inappropriate behavior are the subject of the episode. They have diverse racial and ethnic origins. They struggle with behavioral and psychological issues.

They are housed in a sizable home for three months. The production crew records both their daily lives inside and outside the house on video. They reside there in an effort to alter their “bad habits” and set an example for others. They must abide by the directives they received. If they don’t adhere to them, they risk being fired from the program. If this occurs, a “replacement” will show up at the residence.

About the show

Seven women are the subjects of the program. Between the ages of 21 and 27, they are. For three months, they reside in a huge home. The filming crew documents both inside and outside of the residence. The women are known as “naughty girls.” This is a result of their negative behavior. They are included in the show because they wish to abandon their “bad ways,” though.

where to watch bad girls club

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They also hope to serve as inspirations for young girls. The main purpose of the other “bad gals” is to further their own agendas. The “bad females” in the program have to attempt to coexist. In addition, they have a lot of changes coming from their roommates to adjust to. All the guidelines that were provided to them must be followed. A “bad girl” who disobeys a rule will be fired from the show.

Then someone is brought in as a “replacement.” An alternative is a “bad girl” who skipped the first night at the house. She is utilized in the show as a stand-in. This is due to the show’s focus on seven women who are attempting to improve. The “bad girls” must discuss their days in private.

Both Seasons 1 and Season 2

In these two seasons, the show changed. There were two minimum ages: 21 and 31. Nobody received “nicknames,” though. The third season saw the onset of nicknames. The first season with a large number of replacement “bad girls” The rules remained the same for subsequent seasons even though this season was unique. The first episode’s opening sequence was another constant. A physical altercation always opens the first episode.

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where to watch bad girls club

The brawl that is visible demonstrates how the show’s first “bad girl” is sent off. The second season saw the start of the show’s evolution. The minimum age needed to apply was lowered to 27 from 35. The cast had to go to work. They were given jobs that paid them nothing. In order to work as a team, they had to learn how to rely on others.

A strong work ethic also has to be developed. After the show, they would benefit from having this expertise. A “bad girl” would be kicked from the show if she attempted to quit her employment or failed to appear. Planning and decision-making tasks were assigned to the females. The “bad girls” started working in this season, which would be their only appearance. Additionally, this was the final time the episodes were only 30 minutes long.

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Watch Bad Girls Club Online

where to watch bad girls club

Bad Girls Club is currently available on Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus. You can watch Bad Girls Club online by renting or buying it from Vudu or Amazon Instant Video. NBC is offering a free stream of Bad Girls Club.