Buckingham Palace Asked to See Harry’s TV Interviews Before They Were Broadcast!

King Charles III, Camilla Queen Consort, Prince William, and Catherine Princess of Wales. Paul Grover/WPA/Shutterstock

Trying to be proactive? Both 60 Minutes and Good Morning America claimed that Buckingham Palace sought the video before the programs aired in order to comment on Prince Harry‘s interviews.

Prince Harry‘s ‘Spare‘ Interviews: Biggest Royal Family Revelations

At the conclusion of his conversation with the 38-year-old Duke of Sussex on Sunday, January 7, Anderson Cooper disclosed that he had contacted Buckingham Palace for a response. Before considering a response, its representatives insisted that 60 Minutes give them a copy of our report before showing it tonight, which is something we never do.

Harry heard a similar warning from Michael Strahan on Monday, January 9, on GMA. While we were airing this morning, we got a response from the legal team representing Buckingham Palace. They said the palace needed to consider every word in the interview in its proper context and requested that we send them a copy of the entire interview right away, which is against our policy as a news organization.

Both of these interviews were on the imminent publication of Spare, the founder of the Invictus Games memoir, which is scheduled for Tuesday, January 10. In his first book, Harry shares his thoughts about being the spare to William’s heir to the throne, the death of their mother, Princess Diana, meeting Meghan Markle, and their choice to leave the royal family.

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10 Things Us Did t Expect to Learn From Prince Harry s Spare

Harry said to the 51-year-old former New York Giants player during the episode on ABC’s morning show that he hopes to one day restore fences with his family.


He remarked during the episode on Monday morning, “I don’t think we can ever have peace with my family till the truth is out there. I can forgive a lot of things, but there must be dialogues before there can be reconciliation, and accountability must play a part in those conversations. I just wish there was a way for us to have a private talk that wouldn’t end up being leaked to the British media.

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Prince Harry s Quotes About Reconciling With Royal Family Amid Feud

Harry admitted to Cooper, 55, that he attempted to have a private conversation with the royal family about their problems. And each time I’ve tried to do it secretly, there have been leaks, briefings, and rumors planted against my wife and me. The family’s adage is, “Never complain, never explain,” the native of England remarked on 60 Minutes. But it’s only a slogan. And it’s not truly true.

Buckingham Palace

A source exclusively revealed to Us Weekly that the memoir has already alienated the BetterUp CIO and his royal family. Relationships between the royals and Harry have broken off completely, an insider informed us on January 8; the insider also noted that Harry’s father, King Charles III, does not want this drama. The Palace isn’t publicly commenting on Spare.