How to Stream on Twitch? Streaming on Twitch a Quick Start Guide!

Over the last several years, Twitch has drawn over 9 million unique viewers while simultaneously presenting a variety of live entertainment channels, including professional e-sports gameplay, informal cookery demonstrations, living room DJ sets, and even dubious ASMR streaming. The streaming service, which is owned by Amazon, has experienced tremendous growth and evolved from a simple website for streaming video games.

Choosing your software is step one in streaming on Twitch.

Twitch makes it much simpler to stream than you may imagine because it supports a wide range of streaming systems. Gaming PCs and fairly capable gaming laptops, however, are some of the most popular platforms for Twitch streaming. And in order to achieve that, you’ll need the appropriate software to launch your stream.

how to stream on twitch

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The two main options are Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), which is accessible on Mac, Linux, and Windows, and XSplit, a Windows 10-specific program (opens in a new tab). XSplit is the simplest to use and has the most intuitive UI, but it is also the most expensive. Although OBS is a fantastic free alternative and most likely one of the most widely used pieces of streaming software, you will need to roll up your sleeves and put in a little more initial setup work.

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Additionally, there are specialized OBS versions available, such as Streamlabs OBS (opens in a new tab) and StreamElements OBS. Live (opens in new tab). These applications allow you to quickly set up customized layouts, alerts, and other features by syncing with Streamlabs and StreamElements, respectively.

how to stream on twitch

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Streaming on Twitch: A Quick Start Guide

If you don’t already have one, you must first establish a Twitch account. To protect your account, don’t forget to enable two-factor authentication. On your iOS or Android mobile device, we also suggest downloading the Twitch app. You can access your Creator Dashboard from anywhere and watch broadcasts, run advertising, and even go live using it. You can also use it to watch streams wherever you are.

  1. Thoroughly go over the Community Guidelines and Terms of Service. To provide the best experience for you and your expanding audience, it is also advised that you set up your Moderation and Safety settings prior to your first stream. AutoMod is a fantastic tool with options you can customize to your needs that can act as your first line of defense for moderation.
  2. Make your channel unique so that when people discover it, they know who you are. On a mobile device, you can edit your profile picture and bio; on a computer, you can change a variety of other settings. You may modify every aspect of your channel page to reflect you and your business by visiting the dedicated Creator Camp page on personal branding, which we have set up.
  3. Improve your setup! The gear you’ll require to stream your audio and visual content is something you should think about. To get you started with setting up your stream, we’ve developed some useful guides. Never forget that it doesn’t have to be difficult! It’s likely that you may be live in a matter of minutes if you have an Xbox or Playstation.
  4. Decide on and configure the broadcasting software you’ll use to distribute your material. The first-party streaming software from Twitch, Twitch Studio, enables quick stream setup and live broadcasting on both Windows and Mac. A stream’s microphone, webcam, and other technical components are immediately detected with the aid of guided onboarding, and starter layouts that are already loaded make it simple for creators to customize the aesthetic of their streams. You can quickly monitor channel activity and engage with your community thanks to the built-in Alerts and Chat.
  5. Include several extensions in your channel. Visit the Extensions tab on your Creator Dashboard, which is located directly above the Creator Camp link. To improve your community viewing experience and encourage viewer interaction, for instance, try utilizing the CTRL+ and Sound Alerts extensions.
how to stream on twitch

You’re now prepared to go live, but remember to give your stream a title, category, and tags so viewers can find you! You can use the references listed below to help you troubleshoot any problems you may be having. We also have lessons to assist you with gear, software, and tactics once you’re ready to upgrade.