Inuyashiki Anime Where to Watch? Watch Inuyashiki, Last Hero, on Netflix from Any Country!

Japanese science fiction manga author and artist Hiroya Oku is the creator of the Inuyashiki () series. Its chapters were collected in ten tank-bon volumes and serialized in Kodansha’s seinen manga magazine Evening from January 2014 to July 2017.

From October to December 2017, the late-night programming block Noitamina on Fuji TV had an anime television series adaption created by MAPPA. In April 2018, a live-action film adaptation had its Japanese premiere.


Ichiro Inuyashiki is an elderly, lonely guy with a heartless family. He is struck by an explosion of extraterrestrial origin one fateful evening in a virtually deserted public park, and his body is changed into a mechanical one that is very strong but still appears to be human.

He immediately becomes aware of the full range of his body’s abilities, and after intervening to stop a group of youths from beating up a homeless guy, he resolves to commit his life to serve others by using his abilities to treat individuals with terminal illnesses and fight crime.

inuyashiki anime where to watch

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Presented by Fumiyo Kohinata

Noritake Kinashi was the actor.

the 58-year-old family patriarch of the Inuyashiki clan who appears older than his years. The only person he can trust is his dog Hanako because he lacks friends and feels humiliated by his family. Though he was close to passing away, after being struck by extraterrestrial beings, he was changed into a cyborg. He fights for those who are in need because he doesn’t want to lose his humanity.

inuyashiki anime where to watch

Shishigami Hiro (Hiro Shishigami)

Presented by Nijir Murakami

Takeru Satoh performed.

When the extraterrestrial visitors struck them, an adolescent who was accompanying Inuyashiki was killed. He also turned into a cyborg, but he claims that the fact that he enjoys murdering people keeps him human. Only his mother, his buddy Naoyuki, and later Shion and her grandmother are important to him.

Where to Watch Inuyashiki Anime

Currently, Amazon Prime Video is the only location where you can watch the anime “Inuyashiki.” There are 11 episodes altogether in the series, and a second season is quite doubtful considering how Season 1 ends and the fact that the manga is finished in 10 volumes. Amazon broadcast “Inuyashiki” on Anime Strike, a paid streaming service, from January 2017 until the company made the decision to stop offering it in January 2018. (Anime News Network).

inuyashiki anime where to watch

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Inuyasha and much other well-known anime, like “The Great Passage,” “Paprika,” and “Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS,” were later made freely accessible on the standard Amazon Prime Video platform after Anime Strike was shut down. Thankfully, Prime members will still be able to stream “Inuyashiki” in 2021.

There Aren’t Really Any Other Options for Fans without Amazon Prime Membership, Which Is Unfortunate “inuyashiki.

“There are no other foreign streaming services for the show, and if you can believe it, the price of a DVD copy on Amazon or elsewhere would be over $50 or even more due to a lack of inventory. The anime cannot be bought digitally either, in contrast to other Amazon series. Although it’s not ideal for series lovers, given how many people have Amazon Prime subscriptions, it hopefully won’t be too difficult to watch “Inuyashiki. “Keep your fingers crossed that the show will soon be streamable somewhere else if not.

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The Following Steps Can Be Followed To Watch Inuyashiki Last Hero: Season 1 On Netflix From Any Country.

inuyashiki anime where to watch
  • If you utilize a top-notch virtual private network (VPN), watching Inuyashiki’s Last Hero on Netflix is surprisingly simple (Virtual Private Network).
  • With the use of a VPN, we may virtually travel to any other location on the planet without anyone realizing we’re connected to a virtual private network.
  • Thus, when we log into Netflix, it will detect our new (Fake) location and show content from that location (country).