Is Leah Messer Engaged : With boyfriend Jaylan Mobley ?

TEEN Mom viewers believe Leah Messer and her boyfriend Jaylan Mobley have secretly tied the knot based on a recent video of the duo.

The pair made public their love in September 2021.

A video posted to Leah’s Instagram Stories appears to show the 29-year-old reality actress in a white dress as she kisses her boyfriend on the beach.

With grey slacks, a white shirt, and a white jacket in his wardrobe, Jaylan seems ready to attend an important event. This is evident in his attire.

is leah messer engaged

As the sun begins to sink beyond the horizon, the two make love while sitting on a jetty.

As WizKid’s song Essence plays in the background and the words show on the screen, the couple is all smiles in the video.


A closer look of the duo from their Malibu beach photograph was also tweeted by Jaylan and the location was marked as California.

As they prepare to have their first child together, Leah and Jaylan, both 25, are relishing every precious minute.

Contrary to rumors of a newborn, the happy couple welcomed a dog into their home that they had recently acquired.

As soon as they bought their first house together, the war veteran and his new wife welcomed a new member of the family: a puppy.


Jaylan raved over the puppy, praising his partner for the four-legged buddy.

He wrote: “Everyone meets my baby Blue. Thank you baby for the surprise @leahmesser.”


In the first of numerous images, Leah and Jaylan posed side-by-side, cradling the dog in their hands.


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is leah messer engaged

In a second, Jaylan posed solitary with his pet.


He uploaded a third that virtually replicated the first photo, while a fourth showed him smiling from ear to ear while Leah stared lovingly at the dog in her arms.


Leah’s new relationship

When she first announced her new boyfriend, fans were delighted by also wary of the fact that Leah is entering into a new era of her life.

Luckily for the fans, Leah seems extremely happy with her boyfriend Jaylan.


Leah Messer Gets Engaged

Messer has been active recently!

It was heartbreaking to see the 20-year-old mother of twins get engaged and reveal her second pregnancy on Friday night’s episode of “Teen Mom 2,” despite everyone’s warnings.

When Leah and Jeremy Calvert first started dating, viewers saw how rapidly their connection developed… so his proposal wasn’t too much of a shock.

Watch the video above to see what he proposed.


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What surprised me the most was hearing Leah say she had gotten an IUD after being engaged (and before getting married) because she was eager to raise a kid.

Watch the video above to watch her take a second pregnancy test and tell her twin girls that she’s pregnant…

Sadly, Leah miscarried in January of this year… the episode was shot over a year ago.

Leah and Jeremy are expecting their first child as a married couple, a daughter.

Despite being in the relationship for only a year (almost), fans speculate that Leah might be getting engaged soon.