Is Matt James Still Engaged: How and Why Matt And Kirkconnell Split

Rachael Kirkconnell and season 25’s leading man Matt James parted ways as a couple, but they never got engaged. Are Matt and Rachael still together after Rachael’s social media issue, or are they both now single?

As far as engagements go, this one is short:

Rachael, 24, and Michelle Young, 27, were the final two women competing for the role of the leading guy. When it came down to it, Matt, 29, decided on Rachael. The season finished with the real couple as a couple, even if the real estate expert did not propose.

They haven’t been seeing one other since Rachael’s racism controversy broke after the start of season 25, which caused their relationship to change status. On March 8, an insider exclusively informed Life & Style, “Matt and Rachael Kirkconnell are no longer together,” a day after Matt made a statement criticizing Rachael’s prior social media activity.

matt james and rachael kirkconnell

Due to the response, Matt james ended his relationship with Rachael Kirkconnell. In the end, he was more concerned with his safety, his friendship with Rachel Lindsay, a past Bachelorette, and speaking out against the show’s brand. The insider continued,

“Rachael is eagerly awaiting the airing of the finale so she can provide her side of the tale.”

In an interview with Rachael on After the Final Rose, hosted by Emmanuel Acho, the main guy revealed more about his choice to break up with Rachael and his feelings for her. ‘It sends me back to a place that I don’t like to think about, being from the South.

‘ “I wasn’t OK,” Matt said when asked about the uproar. At that moment,

I realized that Rachael might not comprehend what it meant to be Black in the United States. ‘” It’s a tragedy beyond words. If you can’t see how anything like that is problematic in 2018, you’ll have a difficult time understanding most of what I have to say. That’s all there is to it.”

During their time in high school, a TikTok user made a slanderous accusation against Rachael, and the rest is history. The user claimed that Rachael had “bullied” her because she “liked Black males.


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” The next day, another TikTok video surfaced alleging that the reality starlet had previously “liked” racist social media messages that used the Confederate flag as a background image.

Photos of Rachael attending an antebellum-themed fraternity party and a photo of her dressed as a Native American began to emerge afterward.
Georgia native has now apologized for her disrespectful conduct. The fact that I didn’t realize how disrespectful and racist my acts were at the time doesn’t justify them.


” No matter how old I am or when the incident occurred, I am not exempt from responsibility. They are completely unacceptable in every way. Her Instagram post on February 11 stated that she was “ignorant, but my ignorance was racist.”

“Troubling information” has come to light since production ended, and Matt offered his opinion on the matter on February 22. “This moment has inspired vital debates and reporting, raised key issues, and resulted in remarkable demonstrations of unity from The Bachelor Nation,” he said on Instagram.

is matt james still engaged
His message added, “It has also forced me to review and digest what my time on The Bachelor signifies, not only to me, but to all the competitors of color, especially the Black contestants of this season and seasons before, and to you, the viewers at home

.” As I continue to absorb this, you’ll hear more from me in the future. In my heart, I pray that this is a turning moment that will bring about true and lasting change.”

A source informed Life & Style shortly after the controversy emerged that Amid Rachael’s commotion, Matt was “supporting.” According to an insider, Matt’s immediate reaction was to be cautious about what he said on social media and to the media, but he wants to protect her and will be there for her.

Rachael supposedly realized that Matt was “talking to another female” when they were sighted together in New York in early April, Us Weekly stated. “He flew her to New York.

” According to a source, the couple has spent the past several months “working on their relationship discreetly” and “taking the next steps to get back together.” “She’s inconsolable right now since she had such high hopes for the future.” Still hard to comprehend this,” he says.

Later, Rachael uploaded Instagram Story photographs and videos from an expedition with friends in Atlanta’s Piedmont Park on April 15th. Just a few hours before, Matt had posted a video of a hilarious event on a plane.

“This is going to be a long flight to Atlanta,” he captioned the amusing video. During the Bachelor alum’s vacation, it looked the two former loves might reunite.

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As of the 23rd of April, the Present Matt and Rachael were caught enjoying lunch together at Bear Flag Fish Co in Newport Beach, California, by Steve, who saw them together. As part of his Twitter bio, he wrote: “Rachael has been with Matt all week.”

During an interview with People on April 28, Matt made an ambiguous statement about his and Rachael’s relationship status. It’s been a while since I’ve seen Rachael,” he confessed.

“I’m not interested in any other relationships at this time.” It was my promise to her that I would devote all of my attention to our relationship, and I meant it.”

A few days later, the two were observed entering a building on the Lower East Side of New York City together — and it appears like Matt even put his arm around Rachael as they entered.