Ready to Cancel Your Netflix Subscription? Here’s How

This year has seen a significant increase in the number of Netflix subscribers who have decided to cancel their subscription. Why? The streaming service implemented a price increase of $1 or $2 per month at the beginning of 2022. The news that the corporation plans to start charging people to share passwords in 2023 is much worse.

Streaming services like Netflix are facing increasing competition from services like Disney Plus, HBO Max, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. Read on to find out how to simply terminate your Netflix subscription and say goodbye to Stranger Things, Bridgerton, The Sandman, Russian Doll, and Better Call Saul.

The Proper Way to Terminate Your Mobile Netflix Account

how to cancel netflix subscription

In this digital age, cancelling your subscription is as simple as clicking a button (see the next section). However, there is a way to cancel your Netflix subscription on mobile devices, however it does not use any of the official Netflix apps available in the App Store or Google Play. To cancel your Netflix subscription, you’ll need to go online and use any web browser you like.

  • Step 1: Launch a web browser and navigate to, where you should then log in to your account. You can avoid being led to the app by visiting the Netflix site through a private browsing session.
  • To access the menu on the left, tap the three dots in the top left corner.
  • The third step is to navigate to your account.
  • Four, go to Membership & Billing, then hit Cancel Membership. On the following page, you’ll get a reminder that your cancellation won’t take effect until the end of the current paying cycle.
  • 5 Select the blue Finish Cancellation button to permanently end your Netflix membership.
  • Step-by-step instructions for terminating your Netflix membership via the web
  • Using a computer to terminate your Netflix membership is the most convenient option. To get started, launch your chosen web browser and then proceed as follows:
  • First, log in to your Netflix account and select a user. If you sign in with a Kids account, you won’t have access to your account’s preferences.
  • Second, select Account by right-clicking the user icon that appears in the upper right.
  • 3. Select the option to terminate your membership.
  • After that, you’ll be prompted to click the blue Finish Cancellation button.

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Changes to The Cost of A Netflix Membership

New subscribers will be charged the higher rates for all three of Netflix’s subscription tiers beginning immediately while existing members will gradually be impacted over the next weeks. In case you didn’t get the email I sent out with the updated pricing, here it is again:

Our Shock at These 7 New, Hidden Features in I Os 16

There’s been more than a week since iOS 16 was released, and there’s still enough to learn about Apple’s newest mobile OS.

You can now unsend and edit texts and effortlessly crop out unwanted persons, pets, or objects in your images, plus there’s a brand-new, fully-customizable lock screen. (Be sure to look into everything unveiled at Apple’s “Far Out” event.)

However, these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to iOS 16’s new features. You’ll be thrilled to know that your iPhone’s functionality has been upgraded with various new, under-the-hood capabilities.

If you want to take a closer look at some of the hidden jewels that iOS 16 has to offer, such password-protected photo albums and conveniently accessible Wi-Fi passwords, here’s everything you need to know.

Want to learn more about Apple’s latest mobile operating system? We’ve added some great new features to Apple Maps and iOS 16 that you’re going to enjoy using. iOS 16.1 is also immediately available for download. Learn how to get the iPhone developer beta and install it.

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Connect the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con Controllers to Your I Os Device

If you want a more comfortable gaming experience while on the go, you can attach a third-party controller like the PS5 Sony DualSense or Xbox Core Controller with your iPhone or iPad. This is especially useful for titles like Apple’s own Arcade collection, Minecraft, and Call of Duty. Here’s yet another game pad for your collection of console controllers.

Nintendo Switch owners may now sync their iOS 16-powered mobile devices with their Joy-Con controllers. To begin, press and hold the Joy-small Con’s black pairing button until the green lights begin to blink rapidly back and forth. This indicates that the device is ready to be paired. The next step is to open your iPhone’s Settings app, navigate to Bluetooth, and then pick the Joy-Con. Switch to the other Joy-Con and do the same thing.

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Secure Your Private Albums by Adding a Password to Them Today!

how to cancel netflix subscription

The Photos app’s Hidden album is useless, as it is readily accessible to anyone who wants to look for it. That makes it difficult to effectively conceal personal media. Apple does offer a setting to render the Hidden album “invisible,” but anyone with access to your phone may easily make it accessible again and see everything inside.

With iOS 16, you can protect your private photos in the Hidden album. Actually, turning this feature on doesn’t need any action on your part. The Albums tab is located at the bottom of the Photos app, if you want to have a look. You’ll notice a small lock next to the Hidden and Recently Deleted albums if you scroll down. You’ll need to log in with Face ID or a passcode to see the photos in those albums.