Response from Scheana to Allegations that Tom and Raquel’s Affair Was Going on During Her Wedding.

looking for hints. Star of Vanderpump Rules Jamie Lynne’s idea that Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss were already seeing each other at her wedding to Brock Davies drew criticism from Scheana Shay, a friend.

The Good as Gold singer, 37, made reference to the rumor that Leviss, 28, was gone for three hours on the day of the August 2022 ceremony during the Friday, March 17, episode of her Scheananigans podcast. On the day of my wedding, I was busy getting ready.

The former pageant queen, according to Lynne, was not present when the other bridesmaids were getting ready with Shay in her hotel room for three hours. Lynne asserted that [Raquel] didn’t arrive until after we had moved over to the wedding suite.

She said she needed pool time or my time, but that s probably not what she was doing for that entire period. Everybody had a timetable for where they needed to be, so if [Tom and Raquel] needed to find a moment when they could be alone, that was the time since everyone else was supposed to be in your room.

Response from Scheana to Allegations that Tom and Raquel's Affair Was Going on During Her Wedding.

Shay remarked that I had given up worrying about Leviss’ location for the day. She joked, “I was getting dressed there on time with seven of my eight bridesmaids who showed up when they were supposed to.

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Shay questioned Lynne about her joke regarding Leviss’ reported three-hour absence during the wedding festivities from her own podcast earlier in the week. Why would you choose to spend your time getting ready for the wedding of a friend in whom you are participating? Lynne queried. Choose a different time.

Us Weekly announced earlier this month that Sandoval, 40, and his longtime girlfriend Arianna Madix had broken up after the musician was discovered having an affair with Leviss. After the Pump Rules episode from March 15 on Wednesday, viewers started formulating their own speculations about when Sandoval and Leviss started dating.

In the episode, Leviss went to Lake Havasu with Katie Maloney and Lala Kent for a girls’ weekend, but she departed early since she didn’t feel comfortable among them. In order to commemorate his divorce from Maloney, 36, Tom Schwartz planned a boys’ night, which she crashed upon her return to Los Angeles. A threatening To Be Continued chyron signaled the end of the program.

Response from Scheana to Allegations that Tom and Raquel's Affair Was Going on During Her Wedding.

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Leviss allegedly stated that her affair with Sandoval started soon after the Havasu trip, which happened in early August 2023, according to Lynne and Shay’s friend Kael Ramsey-Ackerson. In the Tuesday, March 14, episode of Lynne’s podcast, Ramsey-Ackerson alleged, “I told her, Bro, you literally called me an hour or two after the girls made you cry and then you struck me back when you were in Los Angeles. When we started to get closer, she said, was [after the boy’s night].

Response from Scheana to Allegations that Tom and Raquel's Affair Was Going on During Her Wedding.

After the lads’ night, Sandoval and Leviss reportedly had a serious chat, according to Lynne. She revealed that she had recorded their conversation and said, “I didn’t understand that at the time, like, how close they were talking or how intimate it truly seemed. We are so illiterate that we are unaware of what is truly happening.