Sarah! Ariel! ‘Modern Family’ Cast Then and Now.

Fans have adored the Modern Family cast from the show’s inception, but during the past 13 years, they have undergone many changes. Many of the cast members were so young when the show first aired that they eventually grew up on screen.

On a panel for the last season in January 2020, Nolan Goulds said, “There’s definitely one season for me when I hit puberty right when we were on break, and then we came back and I had changed but not quite enough. Having those years televised to millions of people is odd. It is similar to your home videos, but everyone can watch them. We were quite fortunate to have such a large following of devoted supporters, in my opinion.

Ariel Winter, who was 11 when the show debuted, acknowledged the burden of playing a young woman in a leading role.

It is challenging to grow up in public. It causes stress. Millions of people believe they have the right to comment on your life, claimed 22-year-old Winter. Over the course of 11 years, Rico [Rodriguez], Nolan, and I underwent significant shift. I had a horrible year when I was wearing braces. Throughout the summer, I experienced puberty. I had other obligations.

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A lot of people on social media criticized Sarah Hyland for changing her appearance during the course of the season. In the first episode, she was 18 years old.

Not because of puberty, but because of health issues, I went through a cringe-worthy period. Hyland, 29, claimed that she put on 30 pounds and had a very horrible Prednisone face. They especially enjoy attacking women. I find Ariel to be such a remarkable woman who has always handled things with such composure and grace. I believe that the two of us have gone after it.

The actor from “Blind Date” mostly talked on how difficult it was because no one was really her age.

Ariel Winter Sarah Hyland talk growing up in public on 'Modern Family'

I feel like I’m kind of stuck between everyone who was born in 1998 and Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who is the next person close to me. It was quite difficult for me to be in no man’s land in my late teens and early 20s. She told reporters at the time that while it’s bothersome to look back on, it’s not painful. I will no longer share any photos from seasons 4 or 5 going ahead.

See the whole cast from 2009 until 2020 by scrolling through the gallery below.