These Iconic Stars Inspired Daisy Jones and the Six’s Hairstyle.

True stories! Daisy Jones & the Six, an eagerly awaited series on Amazon Prime, has debuted, and while the plot is captivating, the hair is even more so!

As the Dunne Brothers and diva Daisy Jones collide, the show’s hair department head MaryAnn Hennings sat down with US Weekly to share style and color secrets from the set and how the changing dos helped to tell the story of the burgeoning band.

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Hennings describes how the characters’ appearances changed as the story is recounted over ten episodes. “I went with the vibe and attempted to express their popularity through their hair,” Hennings explains. I spent so much time studying each character that I was able to pinpoint their location, their emotions, and how much effort they would be making for their hair at any one time.

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The stylist chose to maintain Daisy’s haircolor in order to portray the character’s this is who I am, take it or leave it attitude. Daisy is portrayed by Riley Keough. We chose that recognizable, brilliant, stunning crimson, she says. Hennings chose the ginger because it portrayed Daisy’s rebellious nature delicately, even though the character started off as a little bit of a harsh girl.

The expert claimed that the character’s long, red curls also made it simple to change from a commoner to a rock star and create an iconic image. Appropriately enough, Hennings reveals that none other than rock iconStevie Nicks was the influence for the colour and long, undone style.Daisy Jones Hair white blousey shirt


It was crucial for Camila Alvarez’s appearance to reflect her nurturing soul when she first appears in the chat as a young Billy Dunne’s love interest, according to the hair expert. To make everything about her gentle, I simply added a little warmth to her dark hair. She liked everyone, and everyone loved her. Interesting fact: The character’s actor, Camila Morrone, came to the set with bangs, so the hair team used extensions to produce the iconic center-parted strands from the 1970s. The look’s inspiration? Ali McGraw, the star of Love Story, of course.

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According to Suki Waterhouse, who played the musician Karen, the pro only wanted to look cool. She performs, travels to the beach, and has her hair styled in casual braids. She exudes effortless cool.

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Hennings, with the large, wavy hair and the cigarette falling out of her lips, admits that with Karen, it was all about Brigitte Bardot. The expert claims that Waterhouse even began using hot rollers to style her own hair and was the owner of the frosted tips. She recently turned 70!

If you want to channel your inner Daisy Jones (or Camila, Karen, or best buddy Simone! ), watch this video. Clairol matched colors to appearances! Choose your favorite by scrolling through, then grab them here!