Selling the Oc’s Alex Hall: “i Never Considered Dating Tyler Stanaland.”

Just buddies! Alex Hall, the star of Selling the OC, responded to rumors that she and costar Tyler Stanaland are dating.

Selling the Oc Cast S Dating History: Alex H, Tyler, Jason, and More

When Hall, 33, was advertising her Keurig collaboration with her Oppenheim Group boss, Jason Oppenheim, on Tuesday, December 20, she told Us Weekly, “It absolutely never entered my mind until it hit the headlines on every single news station after the show aired.”

The native Californian went on to say that Tyler was going through a lot right now. I can’t speak for him, but I know that during the divorce process, dating was the furthest thing from my mind. Like, dating is just another task for me. At this point in our friendship, Tyler and I lean on one another.

Selling the Oc's Alex Hall

Brittany Snow and Stanaland, 33, divorced in September after two years of marriage.

Britt and I have decided to separate after some thought and deliberation. The decision was taken in a spirit of love and respect, the former professional surfer stated at the time on Instagram.

We’ve come to the conclusion that we need to spend some time ensuring that we are all leading true and fulfilled lives. We began this adventure as best friends, and our friendship will always come first for us and Charlie, our dog. As we move through this new chapter, we really appreciate your support and ask for your privacy.

Hall’s previous marriage lasted seven years to Neil Flores. They have a son and a daughter together.

There were split rumors prior to Stanaland and Snow, 36, actually calling it quits due to the realtor’s flirtatious behavior on season 1 of Selling the OC.

Selling the Oc's Alex Hall

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Brittany Snow and Selling the OC Star Tyler Stanaland s Romance Timeline

Kayla [Cardona] did attempt to kiss me once. Stanaland claimed on the Reality Life With Kate Casey podcast in August, in advance of the Netflix series’ launch later that month, “And then it happened another night as well.

” I’m just kind of trying to minimize it and brush through it on the show out of respect for her, so there won’t be any drama. We can all concentrate on what we need to do.

For her side, Cardona, 33, told Us in September that [Snow] shouldn’t be concerned about her.

Alex and Tyler’s friendship is extremely wrong, the Netflix star said. Very hypocritical, I suppose, as it seems pretty clear that I never even touched the man. Do you get what I’m saying? let alone get naked [like Brindle’s skinny-dipping dare], sit on his lap, or suck his nose.

Hall can chuckle about the incident, despite the criticism she received from some of her co-stars for giving Stanaland a nosey by putting her mouth on his nose and blowing until air flowed out of his mouth.

Tyler and his brother were actually out to dinner a few weeks ago when a girl asked his brother, “So, what’s going on with the noises?” They essentially utilized it as an introduction and icebreaker for this female, with whom they spoke for the remainder of the evening. Then I said, “You’re welcome.” Did I aid in your dating life? You’re welcome, she jokingly said.

Hall is appreciative of the chances that Selling the OC‘s first season has given her despite the turbulence.

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I suppose the only significant shift is the availability of several routes for work-related activities. She said to us, “That wouldn’t have happened without doing the show, same as my connection with Keurig.

Selling the Oc's Alex Hall

This holiday season, the reality star collaborated with Keurig to create the salted caramel martini, an improved version of the classic espresso martini that can be brewed quickly with the new K-Cafe SMART. Oppenheim, 45, also contributed to the development of a brand-new recipe for a popular cinnamon cappuccino.

The president of Oppenheim Group believes that the practical coffee maker would be the ideal holiday gift. It is inexpensive, and who doesn’t like coffee? He told us. Hall concurred, noting that there are Keurig machines scattered around the real estate firm’s workplace.

Sincerely, I was a black coffee lady before I received this machine, but when I had it, everything was so simple and enjoyable, she stated. And the youngsters truly enjoy participating. Mommy, how can I prepare your coffee for you in the morning? was my son’s exact question. It’s adorable.