What the Actors of “Yellowstone” Said About Delays, Dramatic Kevin Costner.

One more journey to Montana? Since the first half of season 5 ended in early 2023, there have been numerous rumors concerning Yellowstone‘s future, and the cast has spoken out frequently about them.

When Deadline revealed in February 2023 that Paramount Network was considering canceling the show after season 5 due to schedule difficulties with Kevin Costner, who plays the show’s central character John Dutton, speculation about the potential show finale started. At the time, the source alleged that the network was also considering the viability of producing a spinoff with Matthew McConaughey as the lead.

But, a Paramount Network representative rejected the claim, adding merely that they hoped Costner, 68, would continue to be a member of the Yellowstone family for a very long time. The representative continued, “We are constantly working on franchise expansions of this fantastic world Taylor Sheridan has created. We would want to collaborate with the incredible talent that is Matthew McConaughey.

What the Actors of "Yellowstone" Said About Delays, Dramatic Kevin Costner.

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Rumors regarding the future of the family drama lingered despite that rejection. Later in February 2023, Puck released an article alleging that Costner was delaying the production of season 5’s second half, which was initially scheduled to debut in the summer of 2023. The site claims that the new episodes, which will now premiere in November 2023, have not yet been filmed.

The director of Dances With Wolves refuted Puck’s report through his attorney, Marty Singer, who denounced the expos as a complete fabrication. Meanwhile, the Paramount Network said in a statement: As we’ve already said, Kevin has been a crucial part of the success of our Yellowstone series, and we hope that will continue moving forward.

Co-creator Sheridan has been coy about his plans for Yellowstone as rumors about the show have persisted. The Wind River director has previously stated that he knows exactly how he wants the series to end and that he has been writing toward that conclusion the entire time.

What the Actors of "Yellowstone" Said About Delays, Dramatic Kevin Costner.

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The Sons of Anarchy alum told The New York Times in December 2021, “There’s only so much hovering one can do before the story starts to lose its propulsion; you can’t leave it in neutral simply because it’s successful. You won’t see nine seasons of it, but it will last however many years it takes me to tell the story. No way.