Windows Key Not Working: How To Restore Your Windows Key by Disabling Game Mode?

The Windows key on a Windows computer opens the Start menu, from which you can access any feature of your computer.

It also functions as a helpful shortcut when pressed in conjunction with other keys to access tools that are difficult to access through your computer’s graphical user interface (GUI). But what if pressing the Windows key results in nothing happening? Various problems with the hardware, drivers, game mode, mechanical damage, and other factors could be the root of this.

How to Restore Your Windows Key by Disabling Game Mode

windows key not working

Although Windows 10’s game mode is designed with gaming in mind, occasionally this might lead to keyboard issues and some keys may cease functioning. Therefore, removing game mode can restore the functionality of your Windows key.

Deactivating the game mode:

Step 1: To enter the start menu, click Start. Next, click the gear symbol to access settings.

Step 2: Pick “Gaming” from the available menu selections.

Make sure the Game mode is toggled off by selecting the Game mode tab in Step 3.

Keys on some Logitech keyboards may activate and deactivate game mode.

game mode

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While some keys, like the Windows key, that isn’t utilized for gaming are disabled, your computer isn’t optimized for gaming.

Make sure game mode is turned off immediately on the keyboard if you use one of these.

How to Resolve Your Windows Key Issue by Disabling the Windows Lock Key

Some keyboards contain a Windows lock key that toggles the Windows key on and off, similar to Caps lock and Num lock.

windows key not working

If your Windows key isn’t working, make sure it’s off by looking for it on your keyboard.

Search Google for your keyboard model if you’re unsure whether it has the Windows lock key or not.

Turning off the Filter Keys Will Fix Your Windows Key Issues

Multiple key presses are disregarded by the accessibility function known as “filter keys” in Windows 10. Turning it off can solve the problem if it’s conflicting with your keyboard’s Windows key.

the actions listed here to disable filter keys:

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Step 1: Click Start and enter “control panel” to open the Control Panel. Click the first search result or hit ENTER after that.

Second step: select Ease of Access.

Step 3: Select the “Change your keyboard’s functionality” link.

In step 4, deselect “Turn off filter keys.”

Click “Apply” and then “Ok” in step 5.

How to Fix a Sticky Windows Key by Disabling Sticky Keys

Another accessibility feature in Windows 10 called Sticky Keys makes it possible for users of keyboards who are unable to simultaneously press multiple keys to do so.

windows key not working

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By turning this functionality off, you may be able to fix the problem of your Windows key not functioning.

Step 1: Click Start, type “control panel,” and then click “Control Panel.”

Select Ease of Access in step 2.

Step 3: Select the link that says “Change how your keyboard operates.”

  1. Uncheck the box next to “Turn on Sticky Keys.”

Step 5: Click the “Apply” button to confirm that it is turned off, then click “Ok.”

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