Adrianne Curry’s “Last of US” Body Criticism Receives a Response from Melanie Lynskey.

Melanie Lynskey and Adrianne Curry. a warlord’s appearance. Adrianne Curry asked Melanie Lynskey if she was the appropriate choice to play Kathleen in The Last of Us, and Melanie Lynskey responded with a second clap.

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The controversy started when the 40-year-old winner of America’s Next Top Model tweeted, “Her body shouts life of luxury, not post-apocalyptic [sic] warlord.” When you need Linda Hamilton, where is she to be found? Lynskey, 45, was visible in a screenshot of the tweet that has since been deleted, but Curry asserted in a separate Twitter that she wasn’t the author of the image.

In reaction, Lynskey posted a copy of the image along with Curry’s tweet, pointing out that the picture doesn’t depict her as Kathleen.

Adrianne Curry's "Last of US" Body Criticism Receives a Response from Melanie Lynskey.

First of all, this image is from my cover shoot for InStyle magazine and not a frame from HBO’s The Last of Us, as the Yellow Jackets tweeted on February 8th. And I’m portraying someone who carefully plotted and overthrew FEDRA. I have to act smart, ma’am. I don’t require to be muscular. That is the purpose of henchmen.

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The Heavenly Creatures actress made her Last of Us debut in the episode of the HBO drama that aired on Sunday, February 5. She played a new character that wasn’t in the video game that served as the inspiration for the program.

Viewers don’t know a lot about Kathleen yet, but she appears to be the head of a rebel group resisting the government’s takeover of American cities after the cordyceps pandemic.

Melanie Lynskey at the 32nd Annual Gotham Awards, November 2022. 

Curry stated that Lynskey had changed her original tweet after hearing Lynskey’s reaction. Lynskey is from New Zealand. She removed the part of my tweet where I claimed she had an hourglass figure, which I did not believe was characteristic of warriors.

Adrianne Curry's "Last of US" Body Criticism Receives a Response from Melanie Lynskey.

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It’s mind-blowing how actors interpret character criticism as personal insults, says the My Fair Bradyalum said on Wednesday: She edited out what I stated about her ideal hourglass figure as the most alluring to guys in a second tweet. Quite manipulative, it seems. She is not her character, either.

Curry reiterated her claim when other social media users questioned her, writing: Curvaceous girls aren’t a thing in post-apocalyptic settings. While working hard, people are going hungry. This character is made up! Fiction!

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In a recent interview, Lynskey expressed her satisfaction that her character cannot be compared to a counterpart from a video game. I am aware of the fandom’s fervor, the former Castle Rock actor said in an interview with Variety that was released on Sunday.

It’s possible for people to think, That’s not the person I imagined! I was therefore happy to be without that.

Adrianne Curry's "Last of US" Body Criticism Receives a Response from Melanie Lynskey.

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Some fans might be perplexed as to why Kathleen is present given that she wasn’t involved in the game, but Lynskey isn’t very concerned about it, the Emmy nominee continued.

She said, “I’m not responsible for any of that.” I’m here because I have faith in Craig Mazin, the co-creator. Additionally, Neil [Druckmann], the game’s designer and a smart man, is on board and gives his approval for every choice.