No Strategy! Andy Cohen’s Questions About a Vasectomy Are Laughed Off by Nick Cannon.!

Andy Cohen and Nick Cannon. asking the questions that we all have. On Saturday, December 31, when Nick Cannon appeared on CNN’s New Year’s Eve Live, anchor Andy Cohen couldn’t resist asking the father of 12 about his family’s plans.

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Nick, you are repopulating the planet all by yourself! You have it now, man. What do you have in mind here? Watch Andy Cohen‘s What Happens Life! host, 54, questioned. What goal do you have for the kids? Do you simply want to continue? Is there a number, or? Do you want to reach 20? What’s the point of all this?

The 42-year-old Cannon, who had five children in 2022, told Cohen he had no plans.

Andy Cohen's Questions About a Vasectomy Are Laughed Off by Nick Cannon.!

I obviously don’t have a plan, Andy! Wild N Out host guffawed. Sincerely, guy, I’m just so happy and grateful to have my family, which I embrace and cherish, but I don’t have a plan. That ought to have been obvious right away.

Andy Cohen, Anderson Cooper, and Nick Cannon. CNN

Then Cohen questioned, “A vasectomy?”

Do you want me to purchase that? Cannon chuckled, “This is my body, my choice.

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Well done for your response! Cohen commended.

When asked if he had any resolutions, Cannon replied that all he wanted for the new year was to be happy, healthy, and grateful. He remarked that his best advice for other fathers is to parent from a place of love. Some could argue that’s how we ended up here, but I would always act in the same way. And always, he said, do it with a grin.

Cannon quipped that he had transformed into Santa Claus when Cohen questioned him about his Christmas. I used to be St. Nick. He said, “I was riding my sleigh across the country making sure all the youngsters were pleased and full of holiday cheer.”

Andy Cohen's Questions About a Vasectomy Are Laughed Off by Nick Cannon.!

When it comes to making fun of how quickly his family has grown, Cannon frequently joins in. He collaborated with Ryan Reynolds Aviation Gin to create a drink named The Vasectomy in June 2022. Cannon made a joke about needing one in the video.

He posted a video via Instagram promoting Le Condom the following December. happy new year In 2023, let’s commit to being accountable and safeguarding ourselves from Champagne Corks!

He inquired how to even open a condom and humorously mispronounced the condom as a condom. He made an effort to open the foil packet by using numerous cocktail mixing utensils. Before learning that the prophylactic was obviously for champagne, he tried eating it.

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He held out a bottle of bubbly and stated, “This is what you need to defend yourself from.” It serves as a popper-stopper to prevent self-busting. He opened a bottle and placed a condom over the cork to catch it.

Since 2011, the masked Singerhost has welcomed 12 kids. Monroe and Moroccan, his 11-year-old twins, are shared with ex-wife Mariah Carey. He and Abby De La Rosa have a daughter named Beautiful Zeppelin who was born in November 2022 as well as 18-month-old twins Zion and Zillion. A son named Legendary was born to him and Bre Tiesi in June 2022.

Andy Cohen's Questions About a Vasectomy Are Laughed Off by Nick Cannon.!

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Three children—a son, Golden, age 5, a daughter, Powerful, age 2, and a girl, Rise, due in September 2022—belong to Cannon and Brittany Bell. In September 2022, the comedian and LaNisha Cole welcomed their daughter Onyx.

Zen Scott, son of Cannon and Alyssa Scott, passed away from a brain tumor in December 2021 at the age of 5 months. In December 2022, they welcomed their daughter Halo.