Celebrities Talk About Their Favorite Ways to Celebrate the Holidays

Christmas jammies, sweet treat baking, and family tree decorating, oh my! There are numerous celebrities who have revealed their favorite holiday customs, and there is no right or wrong way to celebrate the season.

In 2019, Wells Adams and Sarah Hylands celebrated their first Christmas as an engaged pair. The bartender from “The Bachelor in Paradise” exclusively revealed to Us Weekly what Christmas tradition they were beginning.

The former Bachelorette contestant told us in November 2018 that the only custom she and her partner have is to wear onesies for Christmas because they’ve only been dating for a year. It’s comfortable and pleasurable since you’re hungover on Christmas Day.

Celebrities Talk About Their Favorite Ways to Celebrate the Holidays

Michael, Lola, Joaquin Ripa, Mark Consuelos, and their three children get to spend Christmas together. The All My Children alumni pose their children for a Christmas card each year. The group usually goes to mass on Christmas Eve.

The Live With Kelly and Ryan cohost explained how her family changed their festivities for the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 by going to mass through Zoom and cooking dinner at home. I’ll turn the feast of the one-of-a-kind fish into a mollusk feast. I’m not a chef, but I can make a tasty linguine with clam, she said to SheKnows in its web issue in December 2020.

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During the Christmas season, Ripa will also make her grandmother’s Spritz cookies. She told the publication, “I used to have this idea that my kids would join me and that this would be such a family activity and everyone would adore doing it. But I think the kids made cookies with me maybe twice, and the other times they could not be bothered. In essence, it’s just something I do.

Celebrities Talk About Their Favorite Ways to Celebrate the Holidays

Meanwhile, Kate Hudson discussed what she values most about savoring the more time she gets to spend with loved ones. She wrote in a 2016 blog post for her Fabletics brand, “I love a party and I love the tradition of Christmas, so I don’t know how that worked out.”

She is Jewish. I believe that I simply enjoy bringing people together and witnessing their joy. It’s time for everyone to come together, give each other a great bear embrace, and take part in the celebrations. In those moments, we are truly celebrating life.

Celebrities Talk About Their Favorite Ways to Celebrate the Holidays

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I look forward to the holiday season because it gives me undisturbed time to spend with my family, the actress stated. And it’s full of customs that I find pleasant and comforting. It’s just this lovely, unique time of year. As you get older, you realize that you want to savor those moments as much as you can. For me, this is mainly because I like my family and want to, like, suck it all in.