Endeavour Season 9: Shaun Evans Promises Melancholy, Sad Yet Satisfying Ending

Nearing is the end. The final three episodes of the popular Inspector Morse prequel are presently being prepared and will likely debut on ITV in the UK in early 2023, with the PBS Masterpiece US air date to follow. Filming on Endeavor’s final season concluded in August 2022.

Actor-director Shaun Evans took a break from filming the last season to address questions from fans about his work on the crime thriller, his character, Morse’s complicated love life, and of course, what’s promised in the final episodes. Only eight of the more than 500 viewer questions that were submitted to PBS Masterpiece were chosen. You may read Evans’ intelligent responses in their entirety here.

Endeavour Season 9

In addition to questions about the ill-fated romance between Endeavour and Joan Thursday, the character’s development from a bright young pup to a misanthropic inspector, and what he would say to Morse if they met at a party (Hey dude, don’t be on your own, come and have a drink! ),

Evans was also questioned about a topic that has been on fans’ minds since the 2012 pilot: Morse’s inevitable breakup with their mentor and father

Does Evans share the fans’ sorrow at the thought of Fred Thursday leaving Endeavour’s life so soon? (Roger Allam s character being a prequel invention with no counterpart in the inspector Morsebooks or the TV drama). His initial reaction? Not sadness, but joy.

He appreciates how invested the audience has become in the characters and their impending breakup. I’m overjoyed when people care enough to leave comments; I find that to be incredibly fulfilling.

First and foremost, I’m thrilled that it makes people unhappy and that they are moved to such a degree as to emotionally identify to both Endeavour’s desire to have a relationship with Joan and the rift in their friendship with Thursday.

Endeavour Season 9

But considering that we started this story and always knew it would end, I believe it ought to end in a way that is incredibly rewarding. And I don’t think it would be fulfilling if he managed to win her over or develop a strong bond with her that would replace his father. If it concludes in a depressing, gloomy fashion, I believe it is far more heartbreaking and, thus, more remembered.

Evans went on, Because this story is a unique prequel, we know that neither Joan nor Thursday are ever addressed in the John Thaw books or television series. Therefore, it is our responsibility to decide why that is and what they do in our specific stories to ensure that they are never discussed again in the future. And I believe we have achieved it.

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What could Fred and Joan do to guarantee their omission from future conversations? Some fans don’t even want to ponder the possibility of dying tragically. It’s possible because actor Roger Allam publicly stated that he wanted his character to die “in a dramatic way.” In Morse’s opinion, at the very least, that scenario would make Fred a hero.

Another possibility is that Fred might commit, be implicated in, or bear responsibility for a crime that results in a lifelong punishment. The most tragic scenario would involve Fred and/or Joan betraying Morse in such a painful way that he is forced to cut them off permanently. The ninth season will reveal.

Endeavour Season 9

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Evans comes to the conclusion that it is sad in a way, but he is happy that his work is finished. He thinks that an unhappy, depressing conclusion to Endeavour is far more accurate. It’s more realistic if there are highs and lows in people’s relationships and if they don’t continue to travel in parallel directions. It is preferable for them to frequently cross paths