Psvr 2 Pre-Order Information: How To Reserve the New Equipment

The PlayStation VR 2 has been officially unveiled by Sony, and the early details about the upcoming PSVR hardware have enthusiasts scurrying to find a method to pre-order the hardware as soon as they can.

Right now, going directly to the PlayStation Store is the best way to pre-order the PSVR 2. There, you can sign up for a chance to pre-order the equipment beginning on November 15. Even if the configuration is a little unorthodox, you’ll likely need to get used to it in the age of hardware scarcity and scalpers.

The awful news starts right here. It’s not a guarantee that you’ll be able to pre-order a PSVR 2 just because you sign up for the chance to do so. A small portion of individuals who sign up to pre-order the hardware will get an email with more details on how to do so. There is presently no information available about the pre-order selection procedure or the timing of the pre-order emails.

PSVR 2 Pre-Order Information

Additionally, according to Sony, there can only be one PSN ID per household for pre-orders of PSVR 2. Additionally, they claim that signing up for more preorders won’t improve your chances of receiving a preorder confirmation email. Again, it’s unclear at this moment how that step of the procedure will operate.

The PS Store pre-order registration process is now necessary for residents of the US, UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg to be able to pre-order the PSVR 2.

There is no information on when the PSVR 2 will be made available to other merchants in those regions, even though it appears that it may do so at some point beyond what is being called the initial launch phase. To cut a long tale short, if you want a PSVR 2 as soon as possible, sign up for a pre-order through the PlayStation Store right away.

The procedure is slightly more difficult if you live outside of those areas. As long as the website you are ordering from ships to the nation of your selected delivery address, those who live in other regions may still be able to pre-order through the PlayStation Store. Customers who live outside of such areas, however, might want to look at their other options.

However, as of right now, it appears that those users’ best course of action is to visit Amazon on November 15 and search for the PSVR 2 product page there. There is presently no confirmation that any other merchants will have access to PSVR 2 pre-order stock at that time, so customers in those regions will have to keep visiting the website and hope for the best. Thus, Amazon appears to be the only reasonably secure investment.

Finally, it’s important to note that a few PSVR 2 packages are genuinely available for pre-order. Again, there are a few aspects of the entire pre-order process that are still intentionally a mystery,

but history suggests that those who are willing to spend more money for the super special editions of the PSVR 2 may have a slight advantage over those looking for the base model of the hardware in getting a pre-order through one retailer or another. But many of those arguments are no longer valid given the scale and makeup of the contemporary scalper market.

PSVR 2 Pre-Order Information

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Here are a few additional details about the PSVR 2 pre-order procedure, in any case.

When Do PSVR 2 Pre-Orders Open?

The PSVR 2 will be available for pre-order through the limited stores and procedures described above.

What Is the Current PSVR 2 Release Date?

On February 22, 2023, the PSVR 2 is anticipated to be made available. There is no information on which merchants will have PSVR 2 units available at that time.

How Much Does the PSVR 2 Cost?

Depending on the PSVR 2 bundle you choose to purchase, the price will vary. These are the PSVR 2 combo costs as of right now:

  • Base PSVR 2 Unit: $549.99 / 599.99 / 529.99
  • PSVR2 Horizon Call of the Mountain Bundle: $599.99 / 649.99 / 569.99

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Do You Need To Own a PS5 to Use a PSVR 2?

Yes. Only a PS5 or PS5 Digital Edition system is compatible with PlayStation VR2, according to Sony. In other words, the PSVR 2 cannot be used without the PS5.