I Love My Dad Movie Where to Watch? American Comedy Film Story & Review!

I Love My Dad is a 2022 American comedy film that James Morosini both wrote and directed. Morosini, Claudia Sulewski, and Patton Oswalt all appear in it. On March 12, 2022, the movie had its South by Southwest premiere.


  • Patton Oswalt portrays Chuck
  • Franklin is James Morosini.
  • Becca, played by Claudia Sulewski
  • Erica played by Rachel Dratch
  • As Derek, Ricky Velez
  • As Jimmy, Lil Rel Howery
  • Diane is Amy Landecker.

The I Love My Dad Story

The relationship between a father and son is the focus of the comedy I Love My Dad. Teenage kid Franklin is first seen leaving a mental health facility because he had previously considered suicide and is currently having suicidal thoughts. His mother, Diane, makes an effort to steer him clear of anything that would make him feel more hopeless.

i love my dad movie where to watch

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After their divorce, his father Chuck, who lives a few states away, was unable to co-parent. Chuck longs to communicate with his son Franklin. Franklin blocks his father Chuck on social media, but when Franklin discovers this, Chuck plans to “catfish” his son by posing as a stunning waitress named Becca online. Chuck then offers to take Franklin to Maine to meet Becca so they may spend more time together. His final attempt to get in touch with his son is the journey.

i love my dad movie where to watch

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His kid, who is lately suicidal and is alone, faces a number of issues as a result, and his dad wants to help. Parents concerned about shielding their digital native children will find great humor in the film. Once he learns the truth, will Franklin ever be able to forgive his father? Can the father and son rekindle their relationship? To learn more, see the comedy film.

‘I Love My Dad’ Review

“The following genuinely occurred,” begins I Love My Dad. I’m telling you this because my dad requested me to. Given that the movie is based on the experiences of James Morosini, who is the writer, director, and star and who experienced being catfished by his own father during an awkward attempt to rekindle their relationship, it is simple to understand why.

i love my dad movie where to watch

Played by Patton Oswalt, Chuck is the parent stated before who constantly finds reasons not to spend time with his son Franklin (Morosini). When Chuck learns that his son has stopped calling him and blocking him on social media, he becomes frantic and creates a false social media profile, posing as Becca (Claudia Sulewski), a young woman who works at a restaurant Chuck frequently visits.

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Where can I view the movie “My Dad?”

There is no online streaming of the film I Love My Dad. Once it is available on any streaming service, we will update this article.