Where to Watch Euphoria Anime? Everything We Know About This Anime Series in 2022!

CLOCKUP produced the eroge titled Euphoria Anime (), which was published on June 24, 2011. On April 25, 2015, the HD Remastered version was made available; on November 27, 2015, MangaGamer’s authoritative English translation was made available.

Euphoria Summary

The hero Takato Kiesuke and 6 others are imprisoned in a white room in this anime series, which is a remake of the NSFW round with an identical title. Then a mysterious voice asks them to participate in a strange game.

One of the girls, Miyako, refuses to comply; as a result, the lights go out, and as soon as they come back on, she is strapped to a torture device and subjected to electric shocks. Everyone is shocked, but as soon as Kisuke is stirred, it’s clear that he has a weird urge to attack and humiliate young women. The show has only barely started, too!

where to watch euphoria anime

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Keisuke Takatou awakens in a featureless, white space with no memory of how or when he arrived. He notices six attractive young women gathered around a massive monitor while attempting to find him. Kanae Hokari, the class president, Miyakou Ando, Natsuki Aoi, Rika Makiba, his lesser-known sister, and his friends Rinne Byakuya and Nemu Manaka.

where to watch euphoria anime

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As they try to make sense of their current situation, a voice unexpectedly announces through the screen, “The game will now start.” The rules of the game are simple but cruel; Keisuke must choose one of the young women as his “keyhol.” The gathering won’t be open to the rest of the globe until he has done this for five rounds.

where to watch euphoria anime

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Euphoria anime: where can I view it?

You can watch Euphoria online on the OTT platforms offered by HBO, Amazon Prime, and Netflix.