Instagram Web: How To Use Instagram from A Computer Browser?

You may wish to access and use Instagram from your desktop browser if you work mostly from a computer. On the internet, you may access your feed, chat with friends, and upload photographs and Stories to Instagram. Instagram’s desktop website is beginning to more closely resemble its mobile counterpart. Officially, using a computer to upload photos to your feed or add to an Instagram Story is not permitted. Both of these have a workaround, but more on that in a moment.

How to Access Instagram on a Computer

If you access your Instagram account on your computer using your preferred browser, the feed will look the same but be wider. A toolbar is located at the top of Instagram’s two-column desktop website. In the left-hand main column, you can scroll through your feed. You can also view movies, and favorite posts, write comments and scroll through carousel posts.

You may browse anything available in the mobile app on the website as well. To check all of your alerts or to discover what’s trending on Instagram, click the Heart icon or the Explore button. On the right is where you’ll find the Stories section. View a profile’s Story by clicking on it.

Instagram Web

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In addition to clicking the right side of a Story to move to the next one, Instagram plays the next Story automatically. Additionally, you can view Instagram Live videos by clicking the Live tag next to a story.

How to Communicate Using Instagram Direct

Additionally, Instagram very recently debuted Instagram Direct online. The whole messaging experience, including notifications, is now available directly in your browser, much like WhatsApp Web. You may add new groups, send stickers, and share photographs from your computer in addition to sending messages. Sending vanishing texts, stickers, or GIFs is the only thing you cannot do. Click the Direct Message button after launching the Instagram website in your browser.

An interface for two-pane communications will be visible. You can start a conversation by clicking it, or you can choose the New Message icon to start a new thread or group.

Use your computer to upload pictures and stories to Instagram.

You can view your feed and message friends on the desktop or laptop versions of the Instagram website, but you are still unable to publish your profile or Instagram Stories. Many producers and social media managers would benefit if Instagram quickly added this option to the desktop version of its website.

You can utilize a workaround while you wait, though. All you have to do to get the app to believe you’re using a mobile browser rather than a PC is trick it into believing you’re using Instagram’s mobile website, which has this capability.

Actually, doing this is fairly simple. The trick is to change your browser’s User Agent to that of an Android or iPhone. You can accomplish this with just one click using any of the popular browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. Make sure to choose the alternative that resembles the browser on an iPhone or an Android device.

Instagram Web

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The Instagram tab (alone) will transition to the mobile layout as soon as you change the User Agent. Refresh the tab to make the adjustment if necessary if it doesn’t. Additionally, there will be a choice to share pictures and stories.

Vivaldi is a good option if you have trouble changing the User Agent or want something more long-lasting. It comes from the makers of Opera and is a strong, customizable browser.

It contains a feature called Web Panels that lets you dock mobile versions of websites on the left

It contains a feature called Web Panels that lets you dock mobile versions of websites on the left. Then, any panel can be opened or shut at any time.

Once Vivaldi has been downloaded and launched, enter the Instagram URL by clicking the addition sign (+) at the bottom of the sidebar. Next, click the plus sign (+) to the right of the URL bar. The Instagram panel will be added right away, and the Web Panel will launch Instagram’s mobile website. The well-known Instagram mobile app layout will appear once you connect to your account.

Instagram Web

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The file picker on your PC is now open. Choose the images or videos that you want to share. The same editing and posting procedures as those used in the mobile app can then be followed. You can write captions, provide locations, and tag other users.