Matt Roloff Engaged: Is Matt Roloff Engaged to Caryn Chandler Yet?

Matt Roloff is an American television personality, businessman, farmer, and author. “Little People, Big World” star Matt Roloff, who has diastrophic dysplasia, made his fortune by starring in the TLC reality show, which follows the Roloff family and exposes how they cope with their dwarfism. When Matt and Amy Roloff bought a fixer-upper farmhouse in Helvetia, Oregon, in 1990, they started Roloff Farms, which they have been running ever since.

Matt Roloff Early Years

In San Francisco, California on October 7, 1961, a boy named Matthew James Roloff was born. Peggy and Ron, as well as his older sister Ruth, are all of the ordinary height. During Matt’s childhood, he had fifteen surgeries because of his diastrophic dysplasia. Diastrophic dysplasia is also a condition that affects his younger brother, Sam, and he also had a younger brother, Joshua, who died at the age of 34 due to heart malformations he had since birth.

Before playing Ewok with crutches in 1985’s “Star Wars” TV movie “Ewoks: The Battle for Endor,” Matt was an extra in the early 1980s film “Under the Rainbow.” The late 1980s saw him working in computer programming for several Silicon Valley firms before moving to Beaverton, Oregon to work for Sequent Computer Systems.

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Matt Roloff Career

With 340 episodes spread across 21 seasons, TLC’s “Little People, Big World” premiered on March 4, 2006, and continues to air to this day. An executive producer, Matt is responsible for the six-episode “Little People Big World: Wedding Farm” spinoff that aired on TLC in 2012. Conquering Mt. St. Helen’s and Welcome to the Jungle are two of the specials that have been shown on this show in the past. Roloff, a motivational speaker and member of the National Speakers Association, has made presentations at numerous institutions and events, including the Association of Legal Administrators Conference and the International Conference on Inclusion for Children.

He has appeared on various shows, including “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” “The View,” and many more. He’s also written three books, including “Against Tall Odds: Being a David in a Goliath World” (1999), “Little Family, Big Values: Lessons in Love, Respect and Understanding for Families of Any Size” (2007), and “Little Lucy, Big Race,” a children’s book, in 2018, and “Little Lucy, Big Race.”

Is Matt Roloff Engaged?

Recently, Amy Roloff married Chris Marek, the love of her life. As a result, a lot of people have been wondering if Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler are engaged. Asked about an engagement on Instagram in early 2020, Chandler wrote, “No—we’re just enjoying life with no rush—I vow to let ya know if that changes, though,” in response.

matt roloff engaged

They joked that they wouldn’t contemplate getting married until 2022, most recently in August of 2021. “We’re not,” Chandler told Us Weekly when asked if they were engaged, according to the gossip site. As far as I can tell, he has not asked me, therefore I’d say we aren’t. “Yet,” said Roloff, when asked if he and Chandler were engaged, Roloff said they weren’t.

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Inviting Amy and Chris to Get Married on His Farm, Matt Roloff

despite the fact that Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler appear to have a long-term relationship, Amy and Chandler nonetheless have a strained relationship. As a gesture of reconciliation, Matt invited Amy and Chris Marek to have their wedding at the property, which they accepted. “Weird,” Amy Roloff initially replied, when Monsters and Critics asked her about getting married to her ex-land. husband’s It wasn’t until Aug. 28, 2021, that Sarah and Merek decided to have their wedding at Roloff Farms.

matt roloff engaged

To their dismay, neither Matt Roloff nor Caryn Chandler was given permission to attend their friends’ nuptials. So it comes as no surprise that Amy Roloff was reportedly left out of Matt’s wedding plans with Chandler, as reported by many sources. Still, the Roloffs’ condition might alter quickly, so fans should keep a close eye on developments.

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Matt Roloff Past Relationship

When he first met Amy at a Little People of America convention, Matt married her on September 12, 1987. In 1990, they had fraternal twins Zachary and Jeremy; in 1993, they had a girl named Molly; and in 1997, they had a son named Jacob.

Zachary, like his mother, suffers from achondroplasia, whereas the other three children are of normal height. Little People, Big World” included Matt and Amy’s announcement that they were divorcing in June 2015, after 26 years of marriage, in a March 2014 “Little People” special.

As of May 2016, the Roloffs were divorced, and Matt began dating Caryn Chandler, who had worked as his assistant for a decade, at the time. Little People of America (LPA) was founded by Roloff and he currently serves as its president. The hospitality business can purchase a Short Stature Accessibility Kit he developed with his partner at Direct Access Solutions. While serving as a volunteer in Iraq, Matt helped to secure medical attention for an Iraqi family with dwarfism.