Comedy by Andy Cohen He Came with A “Pocket Full of Edibles” to The CNN New Year’s Eve Broadcast.!

Andy Cohen had a backup plan for the live New Year’s Eve show on December 31, 2022, after CNN forbade its anchors from drinking.

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Cohen joked on Saturday that because there was an elephant in the room, it was time to address it. Okay, we can’t drink. We cannot drink. It’s okay though. Absolutely awesome.

Since he doesn’t typically drink, Anderson Cooper didn’t think the sober regulations were a big concern. Will you be able to make it? A journalist for Anderson Cooper 360, age 55, asked his friend, age 54.

Comedy by Andy Cohen He Came with A "Pocket Full of Edibles" to The CNN New Year's Eve Broadcast.!

That’s the question, Cohen humorously retorted. We’ll find out! Do I have plenty of food in my pocket? I do. Can I accept them? I don’t believe so. It’s been a long night, I don’t know. Do you understand that this is a telethon without a disease? We passed the night here while chatting.

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The Watch What Happens Live host created a fun game for the pair even though he remained mum about whether he consumed the treats during the program. While wearing the Bravolebrity’s trademark Ramona [Singer] glasses, Cohen and Cooper took turns downing shots of various mystery liquids, such as pickle juice, buttermilk, and vinegar, before speculating as to what it was. Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper. CNN

Comedy by Andy Cohen He Came with A "Pocket Full of Edibles" to The CNN New Year's Eve Broadcast.!

Cooper remarked during the game on Saturday, “Honestly, this is no different to me since alcohol, to me, tastes horrible in everything.

After Cohen, who has co-hosted the live show with Cooper since 2017, drunkenly disparaged former Mayor Bill DeBlasio the year before, it was revealed in November 2022 that the broadcast network planned to sober up the televised special.

The Missouri native claimed to The Hollywood Reporter last year that he was going to party harder despite the new rules, saying that CNN chairman Chris Licht had stated that he didn’t want the correspondents out there drinking but that he wanted Anderson and me to do our thing. I’m glad to carry on with our plan. On CNN, my sole instruction has always been to have fun on New Year’s Eve, and that is exactly what I intend to do.

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Kevin Hart was shocked when Cohen later emphasized to Page Six that he wouldn’t be drinking during the program.

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I can’t believe they tricked you folks like this! During a mock appearance on the Saturday show, the 43-year-old Central Intelligence actor made a joke before shooting himself. I did say st, CNN, that’s correct! I’m upset that you brought these two guys here today sober.

The lifelong friends appreciated their co-hosting responsibilities despite it being a sober way to ring in 2023.

Comedy by Andy Cohen He Came with A "Pocket Full of Edibles" to The CNN New Year's Eve Broadcast.!

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That was a lot of fun, Cohen gushed in an Instagram video with Cooper on January 1st as they took their respective kids to a nearby playground. You all have a great new year! In case you were wondering, I did eventually receive my tequila at the conclusion of the evening. Anderson didn’t, but I did, and I earned it by drinking for both of us.