Season 44 Episode 7: What Are the Remaining Benefits?

Why not talk briefly about benefits while you get ready to watch Survivor 44, Episode 7 on CBS tomorrow night? Due to everyone congregating on one beach, some idols are no longer valid, but others are still present.

Let’s explore it further and see what else might be on the horizon while keeping in mind that there is also one advantage that is currently in effect. For more coverage of Survivor, SUBSCRIBE to Matt & Jess on YouTube!

Let’s start with the immunity idols that are still completely operational. Danny and Carolyn both still own them, and unless we have missed anything in the edit, nobody else is aware that they do. In reality, Tika had a long-standing suspicion that Carolyn wouldn’t be able to locate one. She has exercised extreme caution and does not currently appear to be a big target for anyone. It’s possible that Danny will only play his when he hears someone chanting his name because he poses a greater physical threat.

Survivor 44 Episode 7

Lauren has an additional vote, which at least some people are aware of, so we also need to keep that in mind. She becomes more hazardous the longer she remains in the game at this point, and given the previews we’ve seen, she might be actively trying to separate Matt and Frannie from going ahead.

So What About Fakes?

We must keep in mind, though, that Matt and Jaime both believe they still own some influence over the game, which they may utilize whenever necessary and which could come back to harm them. Theoretically, Brandon has certain supplies that he could utilize right away to create a phony idol.

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What Else Is Coming?

From some of the available previews, it seems clear that something else—possibly an idol or something else new—is being added to the game.

Regarding Jeff’s claim in the preview that no one will decide who goes home, it might be a little misleading. Even if there are only a few persons in this position, everyone else can still cast a vote.

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What are you expecting to see at this point moving into Survivor 44 episode 7?

Make sure to share straight away in the comments section connected! Once you’ve done that, keep in mind to check back for some more changes.