Spotify Login: Using Google Accounts to Sign up For Spotify!

Spotify chose to make it simpler for Google account holders to sign up in light of the fact that Google Play Music has been discontinued. You may now use your Google account to log into Spotify if you want to start enjoying the music streaming service right away. a hitherto unobtainable feature.

Any Android user with a phone or tablet can access the feature. You only need to download Spotify from the Play Store, launch the app, and sign in with your Google account. If you prefer not to do that, you can sign in using your current Spotify account or through Facebook.

Using Google Accounts to Sign Up for Spotify on Android Makes the Process Simpler

The feature has recently become generally accessible and will soon start to be made available on a greater scale. You now have one less password to remember thanks to the option to connect using a Google account. At the time of writing, however, you are only receiving a small amount of extra security and no other advantages. You should also be aware that, at this time, the feature is only accessible through Spotify‘s web app or Android app.

spotify login

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This means that neither the iOS app nor the Windows client have it; nonetheless, we assume that Spotify will eventually include this capability. Additionally, you cannot utilize the Google account option to log in if you already have a Spotify account linked to the same email address.

When you do this, a login screen will appear asking for your email address and password. It is understandable, yet most people might be confused about it. Overall, I think Spotify’s decision to allow Google accounts is undoubtedly a step in the right way, particularly for those who don’t like having several accounts and memorizing multiple passwords.

spotify login

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Submit Your Email Address and Password

Submit your email address and password (if you tapped “Log In” in the previous step). If you previously choose to “Continue with Facebook,” you will immediately be logged in if your Spotify account is connected to a Facebook account. In that case, you will be asked to link them.

To continue, tap login. After successfully logging in, you will see recently played music, playlists, and recommended music.

spotify login

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If you need to log out, hit the settings symbol (which resembles a gear) and select Log out from the menu that appears.