Ten Pound Poms: Plot, Cast, Release Date, and Everything You Need To Know!

If you enjoyed Sex Education, you’ll want to head over to this section. The production studio behind Netflix’s rowdy teen drama, Eleven, is now in charge of a new BBC drama starring Michelle Keegan from Our Girl. On a deserted island in Australia, a gang of disenfranchised Brits flees the 1950s and heads for the sun. After arriving on the opposite side of the planet, they learn that establishing a new life isn’t always easy. A six-part series called Ten Pound Poms has just been announced.

Ten Pound Poms Plot

Synopsis provided by the BBC: “Ten Pound Poms follows a group of British citizens who, in 1956, leave the drab post-war United Kingdom to embark on a life-changing journey across the globe. Better housing, more career opportunities, and a higher standard of living by the sea in Australia’s hot weather are all theirs for the asking.

'Ten Pound Poms': Plot, Cast, Release Date, & Everything To Know

New newcomers to Australia are promised a perfect existence, but it’s not quite what they’ve been led to believe. A new life in a new country far from Britain and familiarity is a struggle for these immigrants, and we follow their victories and failures as they struggle to adjust. In the show’s title, the slang phrase for British migrants who settled in Australia and New Zealand following World War II is used.

There are a number of nicknames for persons from the United Kingdom that refer to people by their first name, “pom,” and “ten pounds,” which is the sum migrants from the UK would have to pay in today’s money to relocate there.

TEN Pound Poms Cast

Michelle Keegan plays Kate, a nurse who decides to relocate on her own without her fiancee. Actresses Faye Marsay and Warren Brown star in the film, which tells the story of a migratory couple named Annie and Terry. Here, kids learn that things don’t always go as planned. In addition to The Tudors’ Emma Hamilton, the cast includes Australian actors Rob Collins, Leon Ford, Hattie Hook, Stephen Curry, and Declan Coyle.

Ten Pound Poms Release Date

However, filming is now taking place in Australia for the film Ten Pound Poms, which does not have a release date. Fans have been teasing Keegan’s role in the show with cryptic photos of her escapades in Sydney, and the actress has been there since mid-May.

Loose Women panelist Mark Wright said earlier this month that Keegan’s long-distance relationship during filming had been difficult. A lot of flying… with Australia, it’s tricky, but we try to visit each other every three weeks,” he explained. A happy relationship means you’ll be excited for each other to see one other. To begin with, it’s exciting because you haven’t seen each other in three weeks but then it goes back to being a 10 year relationship,” he says.

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