Whitney, Gaga, and Beyonce! The Best National Anthem Performances During the Super Bowl.

Christine Brown found comfort in spending time with her family when she and Kody Brown divorced after 25 years of marriage.

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Spending tonight with these fantastic youngsters! The Sister Wives star wrote, “So grateful,” in the caption of an Instagram photo from October 2022 that featured four of Kody and Janelle Brown’s kids: Robert, Gabe, Hunter, and Savanah.

As for Kody, he is the father of 16 children—six with Christine and the other six with his wives Meri Brown, Robyn Brown, and Janelle. Although he is spiritually wedded to Meri and Janelle, he is legally married to Robyn. Prior to their eventual divorce, Christine and Kody enjoyed a spiritual marriage.

Aspyn (born in March 1995), Mykelti (born in June 1996), Paedon (born in August 1998), Gwendlyn (born in October 2001), Ysabel (born in June 2003), and Truely are Christine and Kody’s six children (born April 2010).

Prior to falling in love with Kody, Christine, who was raised in a polygamist family, announced her separation from the Wyoming native in November 2021.

The founder of Secret to Self-Care posted on Instagram at the time, “After more than 25 years together, Kody and I have drifted apart and I have made the difficult decision to leave.” As we raise our lovely children and take care of our amazing family, we will continue to be a strong presence in each other’s life. As we move through this phase in our family, we now ask for your love and grace.

Beyonce! Gaga! Whitney! The Best Super Bowl National Anthem Performances.

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She has prioritized spending time with her children since the former spouse separated and they have seen a different side of her.

Paedon exclusively revealed to US Weekly in February 2022 that Mom is now happier. She’ll soon be with her two eldest daughters in a few minutes. And perhaps more kids will finally relocate there in the future.

She’s honestly done with it, and that’s OK, he continued at the time. The [other] sister’s wives are appreciated by her. For youngsters, I believe it is the same. Though she and we both are appreciative of it, it isn’t for us or for her any longer.

After their relationship ended, the reality TV star moved back to her hometown of Utah from the Brown family estate in Arizona.

Beyonce! Gaga! Whitney! The Best Super Bowl National Anthem Performances.

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I’ve never known why she felt the need to move. Kody expressed his sadness that Truly was going with his ex on a TLC show in October 2022, saying, “I don’t understand it at all unless there’s some guy she wants to date there.” Or she wants to leave me so my bad behavior won’t follow her around so she can date. I believe that she hasn’t found success in plural marriage in a very long time since I was so spread out.