Trailer for “Pump Rules”: Katie Slams Tom for Hooking Up With Raquel, “RHOBH” Cameo, and More.

Everything is happening, and then some. Season 10 of  The Vanderpump Rules cast has begun, and it appears that the devoted pals will be dealing with some major obstacles in their personal life.

Everyone is thinking about Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz‘s separation in the trailer for the forthcoming season, which was published on Monday, January 9. Following their breakup, Katie, 35, is stunned to learn that her estranged husband, 40, had an affair with their co-star Raquel Leviss during the wedding of Seana Shay and Brock Davies.

The host of the podcast You’re Gonna Love Me says to Tom in the footage, “I never felt animosity for you and now I do. You come off as pitiful, inebriated, and a loser in my opinion.

The co-owner of TomTom responds, “This has no impact on me at all.”

Trailer for "Pump Rules": Katie Slams Tom for Hooking Up With Raquel, "RHOBH" Cameo, and More

Prior to season 10’s filming, Us Weekly earlier claimed that Katie and Raquel, both 28 years old, had broken up. An insider claims that the cast of Vanderpump Rules was riven by Katie and Tom’s divorce.

I can’t speak for her, but I’m just keeping my distance and letting her work out her feelings, the California native said to Usat Bravo in October 2022, further confirming that she and Katie were not on the best of terms.

Raquel made a suggestion about her new relationship with the restaurant owner at the moment. We are terrific pals right now. We were able to support one another, she said, and I think [our breakups] kind of pulled us together as friends. I’m glad the friendship developed even though I wasn’t expecting it to.

Raquel and James Kennedy declared the breakdown of their engagement while filming the season 9 reunion in December 2021. After more than ten years together, Katie and Tom announced their separation two months later.

Trailer for "Pump Rules": Katie Slams Tom for Hooking Up With Raquel, "RHOBH" Cameo, and More

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The Minnesotan native posted on Instagram in March 2021, “Well, this stinks. The victim is not me. I won’t make a depressing tune. I fully support Katie’s choice, and we’ve had frank, useful discussions about it. If she chose to stay with me while not being happy, it would be far more tragic.

How am I expected to sum up 12 years of love in an f king-prefabricated Instagram caption, he continued. The D-word hurts too much, therefore I’m not quite ready to say it.

Over the course of our relationship, we experienced some of the most wonderful, romantic, and enjoyable moments imaginable. I’m talking about joy on par with heaven. She gave me a lot of valuable advice on how to love and date better.

Trailer for "Pump Rules": Katie Slams Tom for Hooking Up With Raquel, "RHOBH" Cameo, and More

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Raquel was later recognized by the Utah native for aiding her in terminating the relationship.

‘When you’re trying to figure out what to do and you see other people be strong with their convictions like that, you’re like, Alright, I can do it, I can do it,’ Katie told Us in April 2022. ‘When they announced at the reunion that they had split things up it was a bit empowering.