Where to Watch Willy’s Wonderland? Netflix Is Streaming Willy’s Wonderland!

Nicolas Cage fans are likely familiar with Willy’s Wonderland. Though some have accused the 2021 film of taking off the popular video game Five Nights at Freddy’s, the reviews speak for themselves. A visit to Willy’s Wonderland may be a necessity for any fan of Nic Cage.

What is Willy’s Wonderland about?

The car of a reclusive hermit (Nic Cage) breaks down in the middle of nowhere, leaving him stranded in a strange town. Due to his financial difficulties, he offers to spend the night at an abandoned family amusement park to help raise funds for repairs.

where to watch willy's wonderland

The “Janitor,” on the other hand, is soon to learn that this wonderland is hiding a sinister secret. He eventually finds himself stuck within Willy’s and embroiled in a struggle with the possessed animatronic mascots who prowl the hallways. His only hope of escaping is to engage in combat with each of them one by one until he succeeds.

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Willy’s Wonderland: 2021 Movie Cast

  • Here is the cast of Willy’s Wonderland:
  • As the Janitor, Nicolas Cage plays
  • Emily Tosta portrays Liv Hawthorne
  • As Sheriff, Beth Grant. In the person of Eloise Lund
  • Evan Olson is played by David Sheftell.
  • Chris Muley, played by Kai Kadlec
  • in which she portrays Kathy Barnes, played by Caylee Cowan
  • Bob McDaniel is played by Terayle Hill.
  • Christian Delgrosso portrays Aaron Powers in the film.
  • Jonathan Mercedes portrays Dan Lorraine in this film.
  • Tex Macadoo, played by Ric Reitz.
  • starring Chris Warner as Jed Love
  • Cramer as Jerry Wallace
  • Actor Chris Padilla portrays Jim Hawthorne
  • Actress Olga Cramer plays Judy Hawthorne

Watch Willy’s Wonderland Online

Hulu Plus is currently streaming Willy’s Wonderland. You can rent or buy Willy’s Wonderland on iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, and Google Play, and then watch it on your computer or mobile device.

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Netflix is streaming Willy’s Wonderland.

Netflix customers will have to wait to watch Nicolas Cage’s latest film. Until then, at least. Until February 2021, the film is not available for free viewing.

Watch Willy’s Wonderland at a theater near you

In theaters at the time of this publication, the film has a limited theatrical run. Streaming is an option if you don’t want to go to the movie theater. You’ll have to pay full price for this, unfortunately. In order to rent it, you can use Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, and Apple TV+ for $19.99 each. A new horror film starring Nicolas Cage is expected to be a thrill ride, so don’t skip it.

where to watch willy's wonderland

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Willy’s Wonderland: Where to Watch Uk

Amazon Prime Video and iTunes will have Willy’s Wonderland accessible for streaming on Friday, February 12th, 2021.

The regular definition version costs £5.99, while the HD version costs £6.99 on Amazon Prime Video.

It was initially slated to be released in theaters in October of 2021 but was released on video-on-demand by Screen Media Films. The COVID-19 pandemic-related closing of movie theaters put a stop to that, however. In addition to The Third Nail and Malibu Spring Break, Kevin Lewis’ earlier credits include the short films The Drop, The Method, The Guild, and Dark Heart.