Who Is Grant Kemp Engaged To: A Famous Reality Star Engaged with Chloe Metcalfe

Reality star Grant Kemp is well-known. His birthplace is the United States, and he was born on March 18, 1988. Grant also gained popularity as a contestant on season 12 of the ABC reality series The Bachelorette. He made a strong first impression when he picked JoJo Fletcher as his date for the fireman training group outing. Grant is a native of the United States. He has participated in bodybuilding competitions, as has Ben Zorn, another contestant on The Bachelorette.

Bio of Grant Kemp

who is Grant Kemp engaged to

On March 18, 1988, in the United States, Grant Kemp, a well-known reality star, was born. a contestant on season 12 of the ABC reality series The Bachelorette who gained notoriety for winning the group date with JoJo Fletcher while in firefighter training.

A rugby union player for the Hong Kong national team and Valley in the Hong Kong Premiership, Grant Kemp was born in South Africa but currently resides in Hong Kong. He works as a prop most of the time.

Learn more about Grant Kemp’s height, age, wife, and family relationships from his Wikipedia biography. Without a doubt, Grant Kemp is the most well-known and adored celebrity of all time. You can learn Grant’s net worth for the year as well as how he handled his expenses. Learn more about how he became wealthy at the age of 32. His personality is one of pure love and kindness. To learn everything about him, scroll down.

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Early Life of Grant Kemp

Grant Kemp’s early years and upbringing were quite special. Grant Kemp’s early years of toil and education were his greatest assets in becoming a well-known figure. We don’t know the names of Grant Kemp’s parents. According to a number of sources, Grant Kemp was extremely brilliant even as a young child and in his early years. The early years of Grant Kemp’s life are not well known to us. More information regarding Grant Kemp’s early years will shortly be updated. Stay tuned, please.

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Who Is Grant Kemp Engaged To

who is Grant Kemp engaged to

Off-screen, Grant Kemp is wrapping up his love story. The former Bachelorette competitor, who once fought for JoJo Fletcher’s affections, is now engaged to Chloe Metcalfe. In Greece’s Santorini, a romantic proposal was made. The proposal took “a couple of months” to prepare, Kemp, 33, exclusively tells PEOPLE.

“Her birthday was in July, so I had planned to take her there as a birthday present. However, we opted to go in late August instead, merely because it was more convenient for our schedules. It was therefore previously planned, but I kind of wanted to surprise her by telling her it was a birthday trip and then doing it there so it wasn’t what she was expecting, “He elucidates.

“We were on our final night in Greece. We were in Santorini and intended to attend a sunset dinner and other similar events “He keeps continuing. “Because it was the last day, I took her out on a yacht that day. The [engagement] photo shoot was the major focus because we have a sunset and all that, even though we were meant to go out to a beautiful dinner.

Since we were both really exhausted following the picture session and other events, as well as after I had proposed, we just decided to order pizza. Instead of dining at a beautiful restaurant as planned, we ordered pizza and watched 90 Day Fiancé.”

Kemp confesses his “primary concern” was simply how to ensure we captured the moment on camera without 200 people in the background, even though he was “quite confident that she was going to say yes.” Taking the diamond sparkler abroad was another issue Kemp was “concerned” about.

“I’ve got it in my carry-on bag. It’s one dark box inside another. And because she’s going to approach the object with me, I’m thinking, “If they search my f——— bag right now, I’m going to be so pissed.” She won’t just up and leave, right? “Says he. “And when all is revealed, people will ask, “What are you hiding?” What’s the matter? Fortunately, everything was successful.” Metcalfe believes Kemp “killed it,” despite the fact that she “almost had a hunch” it would.