Are Air Pods Waterproof? Water Resistance Explained

Although phones and wearables have recently become a little more robust, electronics and water don’t mix well. This applies to both the brand-new AirPods of the third generation and the AirPods Pro, both of which are water-resistant but not waterproof. This is a crucial distinction, and it basically implies that you shouldn’t use your Apple earphones while showering or swimming. However, you shouldn’t be alarmed if you accidentally use them while exercising or are caught in the rain.

Check out CNET Senior Video Producer Stephen Beacham’s test of the AirPods 3 in water to find out more about what not to do with them. Although we wouldn’t suggest trying this at home, the third-generation AirPods were able to survive being dropped in a kitchen sink and bathtub while the faucet was running. However, after a cycle in the washing machine, they were clearly damaged.

For all the information you need on AirPods and water resistance, see the section below. (Also see our thorough review of the AirPods 3). Less expensive than ever on Black Friday, AirPods are available at Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy.

Which Models of Air Pods Are Waterproof?

are airpods pro waterproof

There are four different AirPod versions available from Apple right now: AirPods (second generation), AirPods (third generation), AirPods Pro, and AirPods Max. The third-generation AirPods and AirPods Pro are the only two that can withstand water, though. Additionally, only the new AirPods 3 earphones come with a water-resistant case. Obtain the most use possible from your wireless earbuds with these 21 Apple AirPods tips.

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What Does Water Resistance Mean?

The third-generation AirPods and AirPods Pro from Apple have an IPX4 grade for water and perspiration resistance. According to the International Electrotechnical Commission, which created the rating system, this means that they are protected from splashing water and shouldn’t sustain any damage if water splashes against the enclosure from any direction.

What exactly does that mean then? Wearing water-resistant AirPods during strenuous exercise, rainy walks, and other activities where you can perspire or get wet like as washing the car or bathing the dog, is safe. However, you are not permitted to wear them while showering, swimming, or engaging in other water sports like water skiing. They shouldn’t be placed in rushing water and aren’t made to survive submersion.

Apple also cautions against using any AirPods, even water-resistant models, in a sauna or steam room. Additionally, you shouldn’t wash them or dry them.

After Getting My Air Pods Wet, How Should I Take Care of Them?

Even if your AirPods are only gently splashed, you should dry them with a lint-free cloth before putting them back in their case if they get wet. This is to prevent any potential harm from placing them close to the charging coils while they are still wet.

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How Do I Properly Clean My Air Pods?

To clean the outside of your AirPods, use a disinfectant wipe, and to clean the speaker mesh and microphone, use a dry cotton swab. The silicone ear tips on the AirPod Pro should be taken out of the earpiece and soaked in warm, soapy water to be cleaned. For more comprehensive instructions, see our entire article on how to clean your AirPods.

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Dynamic Island on The I Phone 14 Pro Explained

are airpods pro waterproof

In essence, Dynamic Island is Apple’s solution for quicker multitasking on the iPhone. While Android phone manufacturers like Samsung enable the ability to open multiple apps simultaneously on the screen, Apple instead employs Dynamic Island to expand and contract to present contextual information. Depending on the app, it may grow to display warnings and change shape.

When you’re on the home screen, for instance, the Dynamic Island can display the song you’re now listening to. In order to allow you to observe both without switching between apps, if a timer is running concurrently, it will split the timer into its own bubble and place it next to the information about the music playback. Similarly, you don’t need to switch between apps to see turn-by-turn directions on the Dynamic Island. Sports results are the same way.

Dynamic Island’s purpose, according to Apple, is to display information clearly without drawing attention away from the app you’re using. Greg Joswiak, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing, stated during the company’s keynote on Wednesday, “With this shift, we revisited how you engage with your iPhone.”