I Phone Wont Turn Off – Why and How to Fix It

Many would contend that the iPhone is superior to the Android due to a safe ecosystem, quality hardware, attractive design, and other factors. The user experience, however, can be hampered by minor and frequent issues like the iPhone screen lagging, freezing, or refusing to turn off.

There are several possible outcomes for such inaccuracy. Is your touchscreen completely frozen, and the power button is not working? Or does your touchscreen function perfectly, but the power button is the only thing that’s broken? Or does your phone occasionally stop functioning properly and lag?

The prolonged screen duration might be stressful on the battery’s health in addition to being an uncomfortable experience due to this issue. For a detailed explanation of the issue and workable fixes, see the article below on why your iPhone won’t switch off.

Why Does My I IPhone Keep Staying On?

my iphone won't turn off

The first sign that your iPhone is having trouble shutting off typically refers to software issues. Hardware-related problems could arise if not. Let’s examine all the potential causes right now:

  • faulty software or damaged files
  • Broken touch screen
  • Not working is the Sleep/Wake button.
  • Adjustments to the settings
  • prospective malware

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How to Fix an Unable to Turn Off iPhone?

Let’s first check your iPhone’s settings before moving on to additional suggestions. The screen of your phone will remain lit if the Auto-Lock setting is set to Never. So if you’re using your iPhone hands-free and it won’t switch off on its own, this could be the cause.

By heading to Settings > Display & Brightness, you can disable this function. Select any time frame besides Never by tapping on Auto-Lock.

The following fixes can be used, nonetheless, if your iPhone won’t shut off because of potential software-related problems:

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iPhone Hard Reset

Try hard resetting your phone if you are having trouble shutting it off normally by pressing the Power button. This is because, even when the iPhone is significantly slow, forcing a restart almost always works. You can forcibly restart your iPhone by following these steps:

  • iPhone 8 and later
  • Volume Up button pressed and released.
  • Press and release the volume down button once more.
  • Keep pressing the Sleep/Wake button until the Apple logo appears on your phone’s screen.
  • the iPhone 7
  • Keep pressing the Sleep/Wake button. Hold down the volume down button right now. Do this repeatedly until you see the Apple logo on your phone’s screen.
  • For iPhone SE or iPhone 6s (1st Gen)
  • Hold the Home button pressed. Once you see the Apple logo on your phone’s screen, continue to hold down the power button.

Through iTunes, update iOS

The iPhone not shutting off error is also associated with software-related problems, therefore updating iOS can be a good solution. We may upgrade the program without risk by utilizing the iTunes app. Here are some straightforward steps to follow:

  • Launch iTunes and connect your iPhone to your PC.
  • Toggle the Device icon.
  • Visit Summary.
  • Select Check for Update by clicking.

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Restore an I IPhone on A Pc by Using Tunes

Let’s try rebooting your phone with iTunes’ Restore feature while we’re still on the subject of iTunes. Another method of hard resetting your phone is this. The main distinction is that this approach erases all of your iPhone’s data.

In light of this, we advise backing up all of your data and restoring your phone. Once your phone has restarted, you can restore the backup once more to recover your data. Here are a few simple steps to get it done:

  • Through Find My iPhone, perform a factory reset
  • Using the Find My feature is another simple way to factory reset your iPhone. How to do it is as follows:
  • Use a web browser to log into iCloud and then select the Find My option.
  • Choose your iPhone from the list of devices.
  • Turn off your phone on its own

One of your last options, if the majority of them don’t work, is to do nothing. Allow the battery on your phone to run out naturally. After that, charge your phone till the Apple logo appears and it turns back on.

Speak with Apple Support

Finally, if the issue is serious, we advise getting direct professional assistance from Apple. You can either visit a nearby Apple Store with your phone or send an online message to Apple Support.

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How Do I Shut Down My iPhone When The Power Button Doesn’t Work?

my iphone won't turn off

In addition to software-related problems, a broken power button may prevent your iPhone from turning off. Here are some quick fixes to look out for in such circumstances:

  • iPhone Settings to turn off
  • Through the settings, you may easily switch off your iPhone. How to do it is as follows:
  • Click on Settings.
  • Scroll to the bottom of General.
  • Choose Shut Down by tapping on it.