How to set up a Personal Hotspot on your iPhone or iPad

Connecting to a Personal Hotspot is possible via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or a USB cable. In addition, any device running iOS 13 or later will maintain its connection to a Personal Hotspot, allowing for notifications and messages to be received even while the screen is shut.

The number of devices that have joined your Personal Hotspot is displayed in the status bar as it changes from grey to blue. There is a limit to how many devices can connect to your Personal Hotspot at once that is based on the iPhone model and carrier you use. Your Personal Hotspot’s Wi-Fi network may be overloaded if you try to access the internet while other devices are connected to it.


hotspot on iphone

To enable the personal hotspot feature, navigate to the desired device’s settings and tap either Cellular or Settings > Personal Hotspot. The next step is to double-check the phone’s Wi-Fi name and password. In order to connect your other device to the Wi-Fi network, you must remain on this screen.

To find your iPhone or iPad, navigate to your device’s settings menu and select Wi-Fi from the menu that appears. Tap the Wi-Fi network’s icon to connect. To continue, please input your Personal Hotspot password when prompted to do so.

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Keep your iOS device’s Bluetooth settings on the Discoverable screen by navigating to Settings > Bluetooth. Then, install Bluetooth on your Mac by following Apple’s or the manufacturer’s instructions. Discover the ins and outs of Bluetooth’s Personal Hotspot functionality.

Bluetooth connectivity is supported for both Mac and external devices while using Personal Hotspot. If you have more than one iOS device, you can pair them with Bluetooth.

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  • Update iTunes and the Finder to the most recent versions on your Mac. Followed by plugging in the USB cord that came with your iPhone or iPad to your computer. An notice asking if you “Trust This Computer?” should be trusted.
  • Find out how to use your iOS smartphone as a Personal Hotspot to share your data with other gadgets.
  • Just have everyone in the household sign up simultaneously.
  • Through the use of Family Sharing, you can enable automatic connection of family members to your Personal Hotspot without their requiring to know the password. So, here’s what you should do:
  • To enable Family Sharing on your device, navigate to Settings > Personal Hotspot > Family Sharing.
  • Make sure Family Sharing is activated. Learn how to activate Family Sharing if it isn’t already enabled.
  • With a simple tap, you may decide if family members in your address book require your permission to join your Personal Hotspot or if they can do so on their own.

Put Away Your Tech

You can break the connection between your devices by disabling Personal Hotspot, turning off Bluetooth, or removing the USB wire.

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Create or Alter Your Network’s Security Passphrase

hotspot on iphone

For a Personal Hotspot to function, you’ll need to create a secure wireless network and share the password with others. Settings > Cellular > Personal Hotspot or Settings > Personal Hotspot and then tapping the Wi-Fi password will allow you to make changes.

Pick a password for your wireless network that is at least eight characters long and uses only standard ASCII characters. If you set up your Personal Hotspot with a password that contains non-ASCII characters, no other devices will be able to connect to it. Languages other than ASCII often use non-roman characters, such as those used in Japanese, Russian, and Chinese. The following are examples of ASCII characters:

  • Each and every one of the letters in the English alphabet, lowercase, and capital alike
  • Zero through nine
  • The Use of a Few Periods
  • Your already linked devices will be automatically unplugged when you change your password.