In Adorable Photos, Reese Witherspoon’s Doppelgänger Daughter Ava Fixes Her Mother’s Makeup and Shows a New Tattoo!

On her Instagram, actress Reese Witherspoon offers a surprisingly candid glimpse into her day-to-day existence. The actress shared a photo of her and her daughter Ava Phillippe posing in front of a stunning sunset on Sunday. On the carousel, there is a second image of Ava wiping the face of her mother, Reese, who has a daughter with her ex-husband Ryan Philippe.

There is nothing like watching the sunset with your girl, especially if she changes your makeup! In the caption, Witherspoon was joking. A new tattoo can be seen on Ava’s body in the photos. Since Reese’s current photos revealed Ava, 22, with a “Admit One” ticket design on her right forearm, she’s been spotted with a few other pieces of body art.

Phillippe spoke to PEOPLE at Coachella this year about how she keeps her Legally Blonde mom up to date on her fashion choices.

“When we’re apart, we ask each other, ‘What are you wearing?’ Oh! What a striking resemblance, isn’t it? “PEOPLE was informed by Ryan Phillippe. Additionally, Phillippe cites her mother and grandmother for instilling in her the belief that makeup can empower anyone who wears it.

“It was while watching my grandma put on her makeup that I first developed an interest in the art of applying cosmetics like lipstick, blush, and eyeliner. And the way my mother would put on her make-up for certain occasions, “she stated.

Ava Phillippe recently responded to a fan’s question about her sexuality on Instagram: “Do u like boys or girls?” “I’m attracted to… people!” she blurted out over a cheerful selfie in blue eyeshadow, her casual response at the moment. When Phillippe and Owen Mahoney first met at UC Berkeley in 2019, they decided to make their relationship Instagram official. Mahoney has since gained the support of her mother and even went on a tropical holiday with the family last year.

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