Where to Watch Chicago Fire Season 10: You Can Watch It on Hulu!

NBC’s Chicago series, which debuted with Chicago Fire and was followed by Chicago P.D., established its own identity in a TV procedural landscape dominated by New York and Los Angeles. likewise Chicago Med. The first Chicago Fire, however, is the topic at hand.

Michael Brandt and Derek Haas, who jointly penned the screenplays for Wanted, 2 Fast 2 Furious, and 3:10 to Yuma, produced the NBC television series Chicago Fire, which made its debut in 2012.

Their first venture into television was Chicago Fire, and it was a successful one since they established their own franchise with a dedicated day in the NBC primetime schedule. Additionally, Law & Order founder Dick Wolf serves as executive producer of the show. Here is all the information you require regarding the drama series Chicago Fire as its ninth season progresses.

The Following Chicago Fire Episode Will Air When?

where to watch chicago fire season 10

Over on NBC, it is finale night. The last season instalment of Chicago Fire, titled “The Magnificent City of Chicago,” will premiere on Wednesday, May 25, at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

When Casey returns to Firehouse 51 to commemorate the happy occasion, it is on the big wedding day. A surprising turn of events occurs about Emma’s replacement of Violet.

The most recent episode of the show may be viewed online at NBC.com or streamed starting the Thursday following it airs on Peacock. Viewers who are unable to watch it live can catch it there. Chicago Fire’s tenth season will soon come to an end. On May 25, Chicago Fire’s tenth season finale will air on television.

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How Does Chicago Fire Unfold?

Chicago Fire is a typically episodic television series that focuses on the professional and personal lives of the paramedics and firefighters at Firehouse 51 in Chicago (s).

SPOILER ALERT if you have not seen season nine, move ahead to the next part! But there was a significant cliffhanger in season nine that fans are dying to see what happens next with!

In the season 9 finale, Severide, Cruz, Capp, and Tony are called to rescue from an underwater boat, but as they try to swim the victim to freedom, the boat collapses and confines them. With the water rising, the episode went to black, leaving fans to wonder what occurred all this time.

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The Chicago Fire Cast Members Are Who?

Here is a list of the primary cast for the ensemble play Chicago Fire, which stars a group of performers as the firefighters’ crew as well as their friends and loved ones:

  • When Matthew Casey is Jesse Spencer
  • starring Kelly Severide is Taylor Kinney
  • Randall McHolland is played by Christian Stolte.
  • The Wallace Boden-Eamonn Walker duo
  • Joseph Cruz-Joe Minoso
  • The Capp, Randy Flagler
  • Mr. Herrmann and Mr. Eigenberg
  • Anthony Ferrari, Tony
  • Sylvie Brett-Karan Killmer
  • By Miranda Rae Mayo and Stella Kidd
  • Danny Kyri-Ritter
  • Violet Mikami / Hanako Greensmith
  • Between Blake Gallo and Alberto Rosende
  • On IMDb, you can find the entire cast (opens in a new tab).

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Where to Watch Chicago Fire Season 10

where to watch chicago fire season 10

If you have a conventional cable or satellite subscription, or have chosen to go old school with a TV antenna, you can tune in for Chicago Fire at its weekly hour right on your TV.

Live TV streaming services like Fubo TV, Hulu with Live TV, Sling TV, and YouTube TV all allow access to a subscriber’s local NBC station as a relatively more recent substitute for traditional cable/satellite providers (Sling TV does only on its Sling TV Blue package).

You can watch past seasons of Chicago Fire (as well as Chicago Med or Chicago P.D.) on Peacock, even if you just use the free version of Peacock. Past seasons of Chicago Fire are also available on Hulu. If streaming is your primary method of watching what’s on TV these days, you can stream the most recent episodes of Chicago Fire as soon as the next day on Peacock. You must have a Peacock Premium subscription to do so.

You may still view the episodes on Hulu, or you can go directly to Peacock, in order to access the entire season as of right now.

Being an NBC production, it’s not surprise that NBCUniversal wants to place the series on its own streaming platform, which is called Peacock for those who are losing track of the myriad streaming platforms out there. We say “still” for Hulu since it won’t be there for very long.

We’re anticipating it to happen sometime around September 2022 as the autumn releases solely head to Peacock. For now, take advantage of Chicago Fire being on Hulu. Eventually, all NBC shows will exclusively stream on Peacock. There is just no timeframe for it to happen yet.

The episodes can also be purchased digitally through a variety of channels, such as Amazon Video, iTunes, YouTube, and more. When you buy the episodes digitally, you only need to make a single payment, and they’ll stay in your preferred digital library indefinitely. This is a great way to avoid paying a subscription fee for streaming services.