Where to Watch Skins? American Teen Comedy-Drama Currently Streaming on Hulu Plus!

The American teen comedy-drama television series Skins debuted on MTV on January 17, 2011. This version of the same-named UK program chronicles the lives of a group of students in Baltimore, Maryland, through their final two years of high school.

The American adaptation has a cast of inexperienced performers and budding writers, similar to the UK series.


“Tony,” the first episode, is an ensemble work that introduces the cast and the structure. As Tony plans for his pals to attend a party hosted by upper-class lady Abigail Stock, we first get a glimpse of his effortless attractiveness, popularity, and intelligence (Georgina Moffat). In the second episode, “Cassie,” Abigail’s mother Dr. Stock oversees Cassie’s final trip to an eating problem clinic. She frequently has hallucinations of messages telling her to eat that appear to be from Sid, for whom she develops feelings. Jal’s episode focuses on her competition for BBC Young Musician of the Year and the tension in her family dynamic.

where to watch skins

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As retaliation for Sid not paying him for the drugs he purchased, drug dealer “Mad Twatter” breaks her clarinet, but Jal’s father makes sure he won’t trouble the group again. In the movie “Chris,” Chris’s mother leaves him and leaves him £1,000 in cash. He wastes the money on a party before getting Angie, his psychology teacher, to assist him to move into temporary housing for students (Siwan Morris). The fifth episode, “Sid,” depicts Sid’s struggles with his parents’ separation while Tony plans a scheme to match him up with Michelle. Cassie attempts drug overdose suicide because she is frail and heartbroken.


An intelligent and well-liked young man, Tony Stonem (Nicholas Hoult) is. Most of the events in the series result from his cunning behavior, which frequently goes unnoticed by others. Tony’s closest buddy and complete opposite personality are Sid Jenkins (Mike Bailey). He struggles academically, lacks self-assurance, and is socially awkward. Michelle Richardson (April Pearson), Tony’s girlfriend, is a woman who can never hold her ire against his mischievous behavior for very long.

Michelle comes out as superficial, egotistical, and conceited, although she works hard, is highly emotionally mature, and has a deep interest in French and Spanish. She is pals with the oddball girl with an eating condition Cassie Ainsworth (Hannah Murray). While her flamboyant parents ignore her in favor of their newborn, Cassie makes an effort to conceal her own mental health difficulties.

where to watch skins

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How to Watch Skins

You may currently watch Skins on Hulu Plus. Skins can be rented or bought through Google Play for streaming.

where to watch skins

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Does Netflix offer Skins?

It’s true that Skins is on Netflix! Depending on the plan you select, there are several membership fees to access Netflix’s enormous library of movies: $9.99 per month for the basic plan, $15.49 per month for the standard plan, and $19.99 per month for the premium plan.