How to Stream Conjuring Kesha, A New Paranormal Reality Series Starring Kesha!

Kesha’s new single, “TiK ToK,” will transport you to a realm filled with unexplained phenomena.

The Grammy-nominated pop artist debuted the trailer for her Discovery+ series Conjuring Kesha, which comes on July 8 on the streaming service, exclusively via PEOPLE on Friday, and she’s set to take you on a “terrifying adventure” replete with ghosts and famous visitors.

After performing on stage, the 35-year-old celebrity musician adds, “When I’m not on stage, I’m exploring my connection to the supernatural and I bring along my pals for the full terrifying journey.” In my mind, I want to observe things that I can’t explain and capture proof that has never been seen before on film.”

‘Conjuring Kesha,’ a new Discovery+ series, promises to take Kesha on a ‘Terrifying Trip to the Supernatural.’

Season 1 of Conjuring Kesha will feature the “Raising Hell” singer-songwriter and notable friends like as Whitney Cummings, Betty Who, and Big Freedia as they investigate various locales from a closed Tennessee jail to a haunted opera house.

The series is Kesha’s newest spiritual career move, following her iHeartRadio podcast, Kesha and the Creepies, in which she explores ghost stories and other eerie events with her brother, Lagan Sebert, and celebrities including Demi Lovato, Alice Cooper, and Phoebe Bridgers, among others.

In a press release regarding the upcoming series, Kesha said, “To me, the otherworldly comes easily. “It all began with my voracious curiosity, my never-ending yearning for something greater than myself. As a result, I’ve become a better artist, musician, and person overall. It’s a never-ending quest to find concrete evidence of the existence of God. It is, however, my adventures with my companions that make these pilgrimages a reality.”

In the new Discovery+ series “Conjuring Kesha,” Kesha will take a “terrifying trip” into the supernatural.

As she said, “I wanted to catch tangible proof of the unexplained. What else could be true if we were able to capture these events on camera? When I first started my podcast, ‘Kesha and the Creepies,’ I had no idea where I was going. But now, with this show, I’m taking the next step into the unknown. You won’t want to miss this, I promise.”

Throughout Kesha’s career, ghosts have been a common topic. As part of a 2012 interview to promote her album Warrior, she discussed the sexually charged paranormal influence on one of the album’s tunes, “Supernatural.” As she said at the time, “I have a song called Supernatural. You know, like with a ghost or something like that. To keep me awake and to keep me awake, I used to dwell at Rural Canyon in a flop house with a strange vibe. Then it evolved into a sinister, sexually charged entity, as well. “It was a little nerve-wracking, but that’s what makes it fun.”

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