Star of “insecure” and “send Help” Jean Elie Announces Her Engagement to Randall Bailey!

Jean Elie is happily married!

An oceanside fireworks show in Mykonos, Greece, is where the Insecure star reportedly proposed to long-term girlfriend Randall Bailey, according to Essence. “What can I say? It’s gorgeous, I said. What else could possibly be better than this?

“On his way out, he brought up a memory of seeing the fireworks from the lake. “We talked about my life goals, and I told her that right now, the only thing on my list is having you as my girlfriend. ‘Will you be my wife?’ I asked. As soon as she said yes, she was like, ‘Oh my god, this is really happening!’ Then I said, “Yeah, the f—- it is!”

For weeks, Elie had been planning to pop the question on their journey to Mykonos

For weeks, Elie had been planning to pop the question on their journey to Mykonos, but he didn’t want to do it at the top since it seemed clichéd. Until he did.

“Since I thought doing it in the shower would be too corny, I considered doing it at dinner instead. I said to myself, “I don’t want to do it at dinner either.” “He went into detail about how he came up with the idea of when and where to pop the question. On the subject of how Elie knew Bailey was the one, the Insecure actor revealed, “We could just sit in a room and not communicate to each other and just be and we still feel connected.”

Because of her, he said, “I believe I’ve met my person and am ready for growth as an individual.”

In 2015, the two had their first encounter at a Los Angeles beach bonfire called Dockweiler Beach. Bailey, according to Essence, was coerced into attending the party by her distant relative. Elie was walking behind them, listening in on their conversation regarding Bailey’s recent separation.

Star of "insecure" and "send Help" Jean Elie Announces Her Engagement to Randall Bailey!

“He walks by us as we come closer to the sand. To which he responds: “You should get rid of that guy. He sounds like an outcast.” When they realized Elie had been listening in on their talk, Bailey reported it to the media. Afterward, he proceeds to the same party that I was planning on attending.

Though Elie was preoccupied for the majority of the night, Bailey eventually had the Send Help producer take her to her car, only to leave without sharing contact information. Bailey had to ask Elie out on a date later on in the evening. They instantly struck up a friendship.

Elie originally felt a connection with Essence, but he later “had cold feet” and ended the relationship because he wanted to enjoy the pleasures of living alone for the first time.

After our breakup, “I continued thinking about her often,” he said. “I was asked, “Who would you talk to?” after watching Insecure and going through a few horrible experiences. I ended up texting the only female I had missed. I’ve discovered my soulmate.” Bailey has been added to the list: “‘I already know this is it’ was my reaction when we didn’t work out at first because I was like, ‘This is it.’ In my opinion, dating other individuals is a waste of time! As polar opposites as we are, we’re able to find a middle ground on so many issues and talk about them openly and simply have fun.

Each of us encourages the other to pursue our aspirations and laughs at our own jokes.” The best of what PEOPLE has to offer, from juicy celebrity news to engaging human interest stories, is always available when you sign up for the free daily newsletter. They told Essence of their differences of opinion as they begin arranging their wedding, with Bailey stating that she’ll be the one to tie the knot “go to the courtroom I don’t give a damn. Anything over the above is unnecessary.

” There are a number of relatives of Elie’s Haitian family who would like to come, and they also expect a large celebration in order to commemorate the event. “Griot, lamb, and tassot are on the menu for us. All of Haiti’s culinary delicacies will be available to you “He informed the media. “a selection of songs from the country of Haiti will be played My extended family enjoys hosting get-togethers

. As a result, we’ve decided to include a lot of it in our wedding.

. As a result, we’ve decided to include a lot of it in our wedding.” On his Instagram in November 2021, Elie posted a picture of himself and Bailey, both wearing rings on their left hands, and he had to correct himself. Note: “WCW” is not an engagement ring; the actor captioned the photo with that information.

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